HW1: End of Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

As autumn draws near, we have a few more weeks to cherish the summer season. For the first homework, we’re embarking on a photographic scavenger hunt (inspired by an art website TheDailyTofu). Please take a photograph using your phone, camera, tablet, etc., and upload it to our class website.

This homework serves to get you acquainted with 1) how to post on the OpenLab and 2) how to upload an image. You will need to be logged into your OpenLab account to create post and add an image to that post. Follow the guidelines “How to Post” located on the menu above.

Choose one of the following topics. take a photo that fits the topic, and create a post to upload your image.

  • Summer fun in the sun
  • Summer treats
  • Sensational sunset
  • Summer in the city
  • Summer fashion

Include your name and title in the post. You are welcome to use a pseudonym or initials or any other name you like (see “How to Post” for details about names and titles), I can see who is posting from the back end of our website. Please add a one line caption to your photograph.

This photo depicts a man lifting a woman over the waves at Coney Island beach.

Garry Winogrand, Coney Island, New York, 1952. Museum of Modern Art

For example,
Garry’s HW: Brooklyn Beach Fun
This is Coney Island in 1952.

Homework 1 is due by midnight on Tuesday September 24th.

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