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HomeWork #2 Pulp Fiction -Yahir


The opening scene that I chose was Pulp Fiction’s. This movie being one of Tarantino’s most  recognizable and impactful starts out with the two characters Pumkin and Honey Bunny eating breakfast at a diner. Pumkin then gets the idea to rob the place when he realizes that robbers never rob restaurants. Honey Bunny his girlfriend becomes excited with the idea and soon the two pull out their guns and rob the place.

I find this opening sequence so interesting for many reasons. The first is that it just kind of starts abruptly. Tarantino stated numerous times how he did this on purpose to set the tone for the non-linear narrative of the film. The two after discussing plans to rob the place seem to start getting really turned on by each other by the idea of the act.  In the end of the film we see the continuation of this scene and what proceeds after it and it ties the end of the narrative of the movie.  This scene is very non conventional like the rest of the movie and immediately dives right in to the story. We don’t really know much about these two characters, but it’s sort of explained as you see their dialogue unfold. We get an idea about who they are and what they do based on their plotting of their next heist. After some convincing Honey Bunny agrees to rob the diner and the two engage in a passionate kiss before they rob the place.

Another interesting thing to point out is the reasons for the non-linear narrative in the story. In this opening scene we get Pumkin and Honey Bunny’s perspectives but when we catch up to them later in the movie we get the overall perspective thanks to the other characters later introduced.

Cody HW#2 The Breakfast Club



One of the things that the late John Hughes  was known for was his films involving adolescence. The majority of us might remember him as being a producer and writer of Home Alone, a movie that is fondly etched into our memory. All throughout the 80’s however he was the major director when came to dealing with teenagers and young adults and no film best supports that opinion than the 1985 classic known as the Breakfast Club. In the Breakfast Club, five high school students from different walks of life endure a Saturday detention under the eye of their principal. The degenerate group includes Bender, Claire , Allison, Brian and Andrew . Each has a chance to tell their story making the others see them a little differently.


In the clip above, we are introduced to the five major characters and their high school stereotypes. Bender(criminal), Allison(weirdo), Andrew(jock), Brian(nerd), and Claire(Popular Girl) we see Brian, Andrew, and Clair with their parents and we can feel the pressure that each one of these kids have on them to be successful.  Also note that the two kids whose parents were not shown, Bender whose parents were not shown altogether and Alison whose parents drop her off without even saying goodbye. Later on in the movie we see how the parents behavior affected their children and how they treat others. What i like about this film so much is how relatable it is. Growing up we all knew  people who fit in with certain stereotypes while in high school. Some of us might have even been that stereotype and so to see it on the big screen like this and to have it written as well as it is here just makes it an amazing movie.