Homework #5 Endings – Yahir


For the last homework the ending that I chose was from the 2005 film ‘The Descent” the film is about a group of friends that journey down a cave to explore it and end up meeting some pretty horrifying creatures down there. The girls fight to survive but ultimately all get killed off from the creatures in the bottom. In this ending scene, the main character who has survived the longest seems to have hopes of being the only one out alive.  Just as we have hope for her we see that she sees a birthday cake reminding her off her deceased daughter. We then see what appears to be her daughter staring back at her. At first it’s confusing to the audience (it confused me the first time I saw it) but after deconstructing the movie due to the ambiguous ending,  I found out that in fact she never makes it out alive. The full ending shows her getting out and escaping to her car before this scene is shown and we realize that that was just an hallucination. She along with all the other girls end up dying down in the cave. I just found the ending to be so powerful and I liked the kind of “hopelessness” it leaves the viewer feeling when they discover that nobody makes it out alive. I’ve always found movies that don’t necessarily end on a happy note so much more interesting and intriguing than the simple and predictable “happy ending” Movies like that to me remind us that things don’t always work out and life is a balance of bad and good. To me they come off as a bit more realistic.

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