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Presentation Order!

Alec Guinness and George Lucas on the of Star Wars (1977)
Alec Guinness and George Lucas on the of Star Wars (1977)

Below is a list of the presentation order. You get a chance to introduce your classmates to your director in a 5-minute presentation.  Don’t forget to submit your paper on Blackboard by Tuesday 5/10 night at midnight.

Film Presentations

  1. Nelsy Alonso
  2. Luis Garcia
  3. Nadeem Shabana
  4. Ese Abamwa
  5. Eddy Garcia
  6. David Perez
  7. Olivia Guitterez
  8. Raymond Jimenez
  9. Melvin Pantaleon
  10. Shawn Cuffy
  11. Christopher Ally
  12. Ahmed Abdulla
  13. Anjali Rawat
  14. Paul Inderjit
  15. Issa Mohsen
  16. Carlos Garlarza
  17. Bryan Carranza
  18. Hao Huang
  19. Cesar Sanchez
  20. Cody Hunte
  21. Bin Bin Zheng
  22. Woodrow Woytovich
  23. Jasmine Dominguez
  24. Yahir Smith
  25. Natalie Rodriguez


Reminder: Midterm is on Thursday 3/24

Please remember to arrive on time for our midterm on Thursday 3/24 at 11:30 am. The take-home portion of the midterm was handed out in class, but if you lose it, you can find the essay questions and related information under the “Midterm Exam Info” under “Documents” above. This page has links to suggested readings for the take-home essays as well as thumbnails for films we’ve watched. For the short answer part of the answer, I will pull thumbnails from the Midterm Exam Info page. Please be sure to review the weekly handouts prior to the exam. Also, if you want to refresh your memory of the different films, you’re welcome to use the clip links located under “Screenings.” Here is a link to clips from a Simpsons  episode with parodic references to Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane (1941).

Lastly, the next paper assignment (a film review) has been uploaded under Documents/Papers above. I will hand out a paper copy of this assignment in class.

Welcome to the Introduction to Film!

charlie.chaplin.modern.times_eating machineHello ARTH 1112 Students! This spring we will be looking at a broad range of films and we start from the very beginning with photography and the era of silent pictures. Below is link to important silent films for cinema history. We will study many of these films in class. Take a peek at the list and explore our class website as I continue to build it over the week. This OpenLab site is our primary class website. We will use Blackboard to access grades and to submit papers via SafeAssign. More details about our OpenLab and Blackboard usage will be provided in class.

15 Silent Films That Changed Cinema Forever