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Inglorious Basterds (2009)

The movie Inglorious Basterds, directed by Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth, is an action dramedy film about World War II and the Nazi party. The inglorious bastards are a group of soldiers that are sent out on a mission to kill Hitler and end the Nazi regime.The movie also stars a young Jewish woman named Shoshanna Dreyfus who, at first, escaped Nazi persecution and after a few years was able to change her identity and become the owner of a movie theater in France. The theater catches the interest of the Nazis and they decide to hold a premier for a Nazi movie with Hitler himself on the guest list. One more star of the movie is a Nazi colonel named Hans Landa, also known as the “Jew hunter,” who was the man that killed the Dreyfus family leaving Shoshanna running away for her life.

The opening scene starts off in 1914 with a French family, the LaPadites, working in their country home in until Nazi military cars show up. Hans Landa steps out of the vehicle to talk to the father, Perrier, and questioned him about Jewish families under protection in the area. Colonel Landa already knows that the LaPadites have Shoshanna’s family hidden in the house, but he plays around with Perrier all the same. Toward the end of the scene, he gives Perrier an option to give up the hidden family to spare his own, or he kills everyone in the house. Mr. LaPadite has no choice and sadly gives up the family leaving the general to bring in his guards to shoot the floorboards killing everyone but Shoshanna who manages to escape.

I believe the opening scene is considered a “hard opening” because of its suspense and the final impact. The colonel only slightly reveals that he already knows that the LaPadites are hiding the family, but throughout the scene one is still hoping that Perrier will pull off the lies. The viewer also feels mixed emotions in this one scene. Feeling saddened by the Dreyfus’ murder and that Shoshanna lost her loved ones, but relieved that at least she was able to escape. Feeling good about Perrier’s valiant attempts to save the Dreyfuses and feeling horrible about Perrier’s tough position and his final, inevitable betrayal of the family. Lastly, feeling anger and hate toward Colonel Landa and his disgusting actions, but feeling impressed by his cunning and intelligence.

Opening scene videos in order:

  1. https://vimeo.com/80494528
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfSjs_6MZOQ
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUZv6bn7Hwg


Homework #2: The Italian Job (1969)


The Italian Job (1969)

The Italian Job is one of the most memorable openings to a movie I have seen.  In short, they destroy a Lamborghini Miura. What is really interesting about it is the composition of camera shots and the surprise that comes when it crashes. The camera shots for the first minute or two are accompanied by lovely music and shots that indicate not even a touch of danger. The opening credits roll in and we start to see from inside of the car. Personifying the person inside, not as good or bad yet, but as on their way to a meeting. A person of wealth on their way to a meeting. Credits continue to roll in and we see out the front of the car, the driver carving corners. Taking the racing line when safe but not a touch of danger in the Italian mountains. Then the driver goes into a tunnel, the music stops and the engine roars and echos in the tunnel. As the car fades into the darkness we get a sense that it may be going bad or we may just be fading to black. Then the tire screeches and the explosion. The Miura totaled. It would almost be a crime today to crash one but back in 1969 it was like crashing any modern sportscar. To top it off we see that not only was a crash but a setup as the bulldozer pulls the car out of the tunnel. The driver looks over to the man who clearly is the boss and then pushes the car over the edge of a cliff into a stream. We then see the car be torn apart and the men take off their hats in a statement of respect. Why does this stick with me? I’m not sure. Maybe its the elaborate plan it took to kill one person. Maybe its the fact that they destroy a cool car. I’m sure that the whole presentation of the scene and the prolonged surprise add to the effect. I enjoy the scene for its dynamic range from pleasant to horrible all in a matter of seconds and it never shows any death blood or gore on screen. The setup looks professional, maybe that is the point.

HW#2_Star Wars: The Force Awakens—–Hao H.——-

Opening of Star Wars the force awakens is quite an experience, not only is it memorable, it leaves an impact on how the movie will play out.The Resistance and The First Order are both after a map that led to Luke skywalks’ location. Pilot, Poe Dameron, was sent to the Jakku to recover the map piece from Lor San Tekka, but Kylo Ren and the First Order were close behind. As the stormtroopers attacked, Poe Dameron and gave the map piece to his droid BB-8, who fled into the desert. Kylo Ren had traveled to Jakku personally and laid siege to the village, executing everyone and taking Poe Dameron prisoner. From the beginning you have a sense of suspense that keeps building up, then the action takes place, a sense of rush goes down your spine as you see Poe Dameron gets captured. Looking at Kylo Ren stops the blaster bolt scene, right always you knew that this person was powerful from doing a simple movement to stop the blaster bolt: An energy beam was stopped mid air, it doesn’t get better then that; there was also a change in beat when Poe Dameron started to joke around while he was captured. It is exciting and amusing; the opening made it all happen.