HOMEWORK #3 “The Ring”

A jump cut is  defined as a cut in film editing where the middle section of a continuous shot is removed, and the beginning and end of the shot are then joined together. The technique breaks continuity in time and produces a startling effect. Any moving objects in the shot will appear to jump to a new position. The film I choose was “The Ring” in this film and in many other horror films we see that the jump cutting technique is very common in these films to frighten the viewer into believing that these events are really happening. We see in the clip above of Sadako Yamamura coming out the t.v and crawl toward the man then stands up and then jump right in front of him causing him to fall over. This is a jump cut where we two shots of the same subject that vary only slightly.

Homework #3: Jump Cuts in Reitman’s “Juno”

Juno (2007)




Juno is a film that amazing uses jump cuts in its story telling. Jump cut is an editing technique that takes out certain frames to help shorten the film or to make a certain point. In the film, Juno, Reitman tells the story of a young teenager going through a pregnancy and giving up her child at the end of the movie. Reitman not only uses jump cuts to express the passing of time, but to express the changes in Juno’s life. The first jump we see is to the season of winter, Juno is just entering her pregnancy and we see that she does not really care about anything, just wants to give her baby away. Then we enter spring and summer, each jump cut we see Juno expressing a bit more emotions. Like checking out the adoptive parents or going to the doctors for checkups. Each jump cut can be seen as one of the five stages of grief. As we jump to the final chapter labeled as “summer” Juno understands what she is giving away and how it’ll affect her life and everyone else’s. I believe that the jump cuts did an amazing job in expressing that.

Homework # 3 Jump Cuts Snatch



A jump cut is a cut in film editing in which two sequential shots of the same subject are taken from camera positions that vary only slightly. This type of edit gives the effect of jumping forwards in time. It is a manipulation of temporal space using the duration of a single shot, and fracturing the duration to move the audience ahead. One of the very best examples of this is in the film “Snatch”  This film’s jump cuts go very well with the main point of the opening scene which is chaos.  I love how the movie jumps right into the action as opposed to a lot of other films that want to ease you into the action. The jump cuts also represent the fast pace movement that the main characters have to make because they are in the middle of a robbery

Homework #3 “The Battleship Potemkin” -Anjali

Jump cuts in editing is a type of editing where the transition between each scene that is abrupt and somewhat lacks in continuity. It’s usually cut in a brief manner between shots and can be represented differently, depending on the content. It can be for a montage, it can show time passing by, it can show certain events and more. A perfect example of a film that contains such editing is “The Battleship Potemkin”, directed by Sergei Eisenstein. There is a famous scene in this film where there are explosions from multiple architectures. Meanwhile, there’s rapid cuts to some cupid statues and then to the lions. The expressions from each lion statue shown vary from cut to cut. As the explosions get wilder and wilder, the expressions on the lion’s faces gets more and more terrified. This montage is done to show how extreme the surroundings are. It is also done to portray creativity with the editing by the usage of rapid cuts and the style of jump cutting. In addition, the way that the props were utilized and filmed in this scene is also genius. Thus more proof of why this film remains iconic to this very day.

Homework #3 Jump Cut Example – Yahir

In this sequence for the movie “Royal Tenenbaums”, the character Richie Tenenbaums goes to the bathroom to shave himself. The use of jump cuts in this sequence is necessary both visually and timely. Shaving is usually something that is considered to be a monotonous task and can take a while. In order to show the impact of the character’s physical transformation while keeping the audience engaged and not bored, the use of jump cuts were implemented to suggest the passage of time as Richie shaves himself.

Jump Cuts from A Space Odyssey (Hw #3)

Jump cuts is when a director records one shot and moves to another shot – the scenes transitions immediately. The movie I chose I actually googled to find a scene with a jump cut that doesn’t have to do with people communicating, like Breathless. This movie was directed by Stanley Kubrick in 2001, A Space Odyssey.  In the scene below he uses the technique jump cut to demonstrate the transition of a bone that was thrown. It does a huge jump cut when it goes from the bone to actually becoming a space object – it even changes the setting from a light sky to outer space.  You get more jump cuts as the space object goes down to earth – you see it getting closer to the planet. In the very first cut scene you see the bone getting thrown up, and then you automatically get another cut scene to what seems to appear the bone heading downward (which confuses me because it goes all the way into space). In the next cut scene the director chooses to have an amazing time gap where million years have passed. From my understanding this whole scene indicates evolution. It started with a man-made object, a bone, and within time and technology advancing the bone turned into a space object.


Homework #3: Jump Cuts in Godard’s “Breathless”

Film still of Patricia (Jean Seberg) in car, Jean-Luc Godard, "Breathless," 1960
Film still of Patricia (Jean Seberg) in car, Jean-Luc Godard, “Breathless,” 1960

Jean-Luc Godard’s extensive use of jump cuts in Breathless (À bout de souffle) 1960 was highly influential on the “look” of many later films. In a jump cut, two shots of the same subject differ in angle or composition, the disjuncture creates a visual “jump” on the screen. The jump cut is an example of discontinuous editing, however, the uneven transition of one shot to another is often described as an amateurish technique. Yet, Godard masterfully uses the jump cut to highlight the urban rhythm of Paris and the whirlwind pace of modern romance. Watch this clip, in which Michel (Jean Paul Belmondo) gives Patricia (Jean Seberg) a ride across town to her appointment. Note the number of jump cuts in the car sequence, in particular, the change in backdrop that frames Patricia’s head.

For this homework, please search for the use of jump cuts in a later film. You can watch clips of a movie you like to see whether  jump cuts are used, or simply “google” jump cuts. Post a link to the film you’ve found and describe the impact of the jump cuts in that film clip.

Watch the car sequence in Breathless here.

To complete this homework assignment, you must Post the use of a jump cut in a film and Comment on one  of your classmates’ posts.

Due Tuesday May 3rd (the first day back after Spring Break!)