Well, since my first Homework post was about the beginning of the Breakfast Club. Its only natural that my last homework post is about the ending of The Breakfast Club. In a way The Breakfast Clubs’s ending is rather typical and predictable. The bad boy(Bender) and the princess(Clair) get together and the jock(Andrew) and the quiet girl(Allison) get together. The nerd(Brian) on the other hand gets pressured into writing one final paper that all five of them can take credit for. What sets this apart from other movies that follow the same pattern is that you actually feel that each one of the five main characters have actually grown from the eight hours or so that they spent together. Each one of them almost does a complete 180 from the first time that we see them.

Bender is no longer the degenerate criminal that he once was at the beginning. Clair isn’t the stuck up, high maintenance girl anymore. Andrew has learned to relax and not take his wrestling competition as seriously anymore. Brian becomes more confident in not only his school work, but with his new found friends. And quiet Allison gets a new makeover and becomes more outgoing.  The Allison makeover part of the movie is pretty controversial, and it’s worth delving into. A lot of critics were upset that she needed to change herself and look more like a Claire-type girl in order to fully win Andrew’s affection. I personally believe that this really isn’t a big deal. The scene is less about becoming more “Clair like” and more about being able to see her face clearly for the first time in the movie.

The film’s final image freezes on Bender as he pumps his fist in place as the song “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” plays in the background. Its almost as if the movies is saying that it hopes that the five major characters don’t forget about each other and that the friendships will continue to last forever. Truly a great end to a great movie v


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