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Well, since my first Homework post was about the beginning of the Breakfast Club. Its only natural that my last homework post is about the ending of The Breakfast Club. In a way The Breakfast Clubs’s ending is rather typical and predictable. The bad boy(Bender) and the princess(Clair) get together and the jock(Andrew) and the quiet girl(Allison) get together. The nerd(Brian) on the other hand gets pressured into writing one final paper that all five of them can take credit for. What sets this apart from other movies that follow the same pattern is that you actually feel that each one of the five main characters have actually grown from the eight hours or so that they spent together. Each one of them almost does a complete 180 from the first time that we see them.

Bender is no longer the degenerate criminal that he once was at the beginning. Clair isn’t the stuck up, high maintenance girl anymore. Andrew has learned to relax and not take his wrestling competition as seriously anymore. Brian becomes more confident in not only his school work, but with his new found friends. And quiet Allison gets a new makeover and becomes more outgoing. Ā The Allison makeover part of the movie is pretty controversial, and it’s worth delving into. A lot of critics were upsetĀ that she needed to change herself and look more like a Claire-type girl in order to fully win Andrew’s affection. I personally believe that this really isn’t a big deal. The scene is less about becoming more “Clair like”Ā and more about being able to see her face clearly for the first time in the movie.

The film’s final image freezes on Bender as he pumps his fist in place as the song “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” plays in the background. Its almost as if the movies is saying that it hopes that the five major characters don’t forget about each other and that the friendships will continue to last forever. Truly a great end to a great movie v


To be honest, after watching Herve Attia’s fan film of AlfredĀ Hitchcockā€™sĀ The Birds,Ā i came away really impressed. At first i thought that i wouldn’t like it because normally i’m not a big fan of “fan” films sort to speak because they always look cheep to me, but this was actually really well done. I’m a big fan of visiting old historical locations or movie locations and seeing what they are like today, so this video was somewhat of a treat for me personally. I loved how he had a side by side comparison of his film and the original Hitchcock classic. It really puts in perspective just how much things have changed in the time between the two films. Ā Some of the locations are almost unrecognizable, like the TIDES which has been remodeled and redesigned. I wonder if anyone has done this with a old New York movie like Breakfast at Tiffany’s Ā or Taxi Driver and just went around and filmed some Ā of the locations just to see how vastly different they are today than in the past. It could make for an interesting project

Homework # 3 Jump Cuts Snatch



AĀ jump cutĀ is a cut in film editingĀ in which two sequential shots of the same subject are taken from camera positions that vary only slightly. This type of edit gives the effect of jumping forwards in time. It is a manipulation of temporal space using the duration of a single shot, and fracturing the duration to move the audience ahead. One of the very best examples of this is in the film “Snatch” Ā This filmā€™s jump cuts go very well with the main point of the opening scene which is chaos. Ā I love how the movie jumps right into the action as opposed to a lot of other films that want to ease you into the action. The jump cuts also represent the fast pace movement that theĀ main characters have to make because they are in the middle of a robbery

Cody HW#2 The Breakfast Club



One of the things that the lateĀ John HughesĀ Ā was known for was hisĀ films involving adolescence. The majority of us might remember him as being a producer and writer of Home Alone, a movie that is fondly etched into our memory. All throughout the 80’s however he was the major director when came to dealing with teenagers and young adults and no film best supports that opinion than the 1985 classic known as the Breakfast Club. In the Breakfast Club, five high school students from different walks of life endure a Saturday detention underĀ the eye of theirĀ principal. The degenerateĀ group includes Bender,Ā Claire , Allison, Brian and Andrew . Each has a chance to tell their story making the others see them a little differently.


In the clip above, we are introduced to the five major characters and their high school stereotypes. Bender(criminal), Allison(weirdo), Andrew(jock), Brian(nerd), and Claire(Popular Girl) we see Brian, Andrew, and Clair with their parents and we can feel the pressure that each one of these kids have on them to be successful. Ā Also note that the two kids whose parents were not shown, Bender whose parents were not shown altogether and Alison whose parents drop her off without even saying goodbye. Later on in the movie we see how the parents behavior affected their children and how they treat others. What i like about this film so much is how relatableĀ it is. Growing up we all knew Ā people who fit in with certain stereotypes while in high school. Some of us might have even been that stereotype and so to see it on the big screen like this and to have it written as well as it is here just makes it an amazing movie.