Homework #1: Introduce Yourself!

First Contact in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

As a follow-up to our first class, please tell your classmates a little about yourself and your interest in cinema. Have you ever taken a class on film history? What type of movies do you like? And how do you like to screen movies? From home? in movie theaters? on a large screen or on computer screens? Share your thoughts with your classmates by replying to this post. Click on “Leave A Comment” above this post and then submit your response. Please complete your Introductions BEFORE class on Thursday September 3rd.

27 thoughts on “Homework #1: Introduce Yourself!”

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca Kogan. I currently work at a nursing home in Staten Island as an RN and am taking classes at city tech towards my bachelor’s degree. First and foremost, it is so refreshing to be taking a non-nursing class. Although I enrolled into Introduction to Film because an art/entertainment elective is a requirement, I am so very excited for this course after our first class today. There are so many different aspects to film that I am eager to learn about, especially since this is my first film history class, nonetheless art history class in general.

    The genre of movies I am interested in is vast. I enjoy everything including psychological thrillers like The Game, directed by David Fincher, romantic movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind starring Jim Carrey, action movies such as Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, both directed by Quentin Tarantino and comedies such as The Ghostbusters movies, Clueless, Anchorman, etc. I also love watching low budget indie films because some of these movies have such amazing acting and beautiful plots, yet are unknown and underrated. Movies like this I’ve stumbled upon I really loved include Requiem for a Dream, Blue Valentine, Adventureland, and The One I Love. Many of the movies I’ve listed are on Netflix and I highly recommend them to anyone who has not seen them.

    Although I enjoy going out to the movies, I’d much rather sit on the couch, prepare some snacks, and enjoy a good film on the television in the comfort of my own home with good company. Plus, I can wear my pajamas!

  2. My name is Brygetee, I am a sophomore majoring in Liberal Arts, and I love watching movies in my spare time. I have always had a fascination when it comes to films and the film making process. This is my first time taking a class on film history. Typically I prefer watching comedies and suspenseful movies, but I can appreciate all genres. When it comes to watching the movie, I prefer to watch it in a movie theatre, on a large screen because I feel that it adds a special element to the experience because you are basically making an event out of it.

  3. Hi everyone. My name is Ruth Cancela and I am a senior in Hospitality Management. Other than my passion for hospitality, traveling, and food, I am an avid movie lover. I frequent the movie theater about 2 or 3 times a month, depending what movies are out or coming out that month. Like many others I have been known to spend a weekend (or week) “catching up” on Netflix, or Hulu, or just all the things I have recorded on the DVR that’s just been taking up space. This is my first film history class, I have taken a film through literature class (which fulfilled my LIT requirement and was a fun and writing intensive course that I loved). My favorite genes typically include action, adventure, comedy and dramas, but I can pretty much sit back and enjoy any kind of movie, as long as it keeps my attention and interest with a good story line. So I am looking forward to this class because I am hoping to find new movies to appreciate and explore.

  4. Hi, my name is Patro and this is my first year at City Tech. I am majoring in Computer Science towards my Associate’s Degree. I’ve never taken a Film History class before, but I do appreciate all types of films as long as they catch my interest. I’m mostly into Action packed movies, Comedies, and good Horror films. I actually prefer to watch movies in the comfort of my home while enjoying as many snacks as possible because food in the movie theaters are overpriced!

  5. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Keisha. I’m currently a senior and is majoring in Health Services Administration. I’ve signed up for this course because this was a required Arts course. I’ve read the description of the course and thought it would be an interesting course to take. After having class on Thursday, I would say that this course is going to be an exciting course. This would be my first class that I’ve taken in film history. I’ve taken other art classes such as Art History, History of Art: Prehistoric to Gothic and Visual Experience.

    The genre of movies I prefer to watch on my spare time will be Drama, Comedy, and Romance. I enjoy going to the movies with a group of friends to watch the latest movies on a big screen.

  6. Hello everyone, my name is Joshua Marquez. I major in Entertainment Technology; a major based on post production, sound, video editing, music, screenwriting, and etc. This course caught my attention the second i saw it. I come from a family that watches a lot of movies and always loves to talk about them. Being able to be in this course will expand my knowledge in the history of film and will mold me into a a great critic when analyzing movies. I am really looking forward into learning about film in this course.

  7. My name is Chris Wong, majoring in Communication design. I have taken two other film history classes, they were both about the history of animated films. I enjoyed learning about how animated films were introduced and evolved to what it is today. Got to see how Disney started and became what it is today. Well personally Disney back then, 80s to the early 2000s is the best to me. CG animated films are great but you just can’t beat the 2d hand drawn animations. I took these courses in SVA. Taking this course to see how history of live action films is like.

    I enjoy Sci fi, fantasy and horror movies. When watching movies I like to watch them either on the computer or on a mobile device. Love it on the phone cause I can just pause and watch it anywhere, though it does diminish the impact of it because of the tiny screen. Movie theaters are too expensive but sometimes I have to go there to watch that amazing new movie. Got to make sacrifices for some entertainment.
    I love movies that show things that we don’t see in our normal lives, for example aliens, orcs, robots, demons,etc. Things that I wish I can see in reality because reality is boring. Which is why I enjoy those 3 genres they are full of imaginative qualities.
    Favorite film would have to be District 9. It is the perfect extraterrestrial movie in my eyes.

  8. Hello ! My name is Zoyner. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering . I love movies. I like watching movies on my phone and the theater. Movies are great when it’s 6 dollars, even better when friends are with you. I like action and comedy movies. A movie I liked was Midnight at Paris by woody Allen.

  9. Hello my name is Corey I am a sophomore that is majoring in Communication Design. I don’t really have Netflix or Hulu but i use the Apple T.V to watch movies and shows. I also rarely go to the theater but if I do i will most likely be seeing a movie that is based on those comic book superheroes or something that has piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to the intro to film class because it seem like it would be fun and relaxing and i would like to see what filming is all about.

  10. Hello, everybody! My name is Latoya Scarboro. My major is Hospitality Management. The class sounded interested, plus I needed an art class for my major. I enjoy looking at movies. I love romantic, comedy, fiction, drama, cartoons, sports and holiday stories. I watch them everywhere, but my favor place is at the movie theatres. I always try to caught the first movie or before 12. Its cheaper! I have Netflix and Hulu plus! They have great movies and T.V. show to watch anytime of the day. One of my favor movies is The Neverending Story..

  11. Hello, Everybody! My name is Latoya Scarboro. My major is Hospitality Management. I needed an art class for my major. This class sounded interested. I love watching movies. I watch romantic, comedy, action, cartoons, fiction, drama, sports, holiday and documentary. I have Netflix and Hulu plus. But I rather watch them in the movie theater. I go to the earlier shows because its cheaper! One of my favorite movies is The Neverending story.

  12. Hey !! My name is Kevin Bhimdass and I’m majoring in Communication Design. This is my second year at City Tech. I usually take art history classes, so I decided to switch it up this semester. I’m into a lot of different movie genres. I like Action, drama, thriller, fantasy, and comedies. I even like some anime movies. I don’t really care about the genre, because if the movie is good, then that shouldn’t matter. My favorite movies include; Good Will Hunting, Matrix, Gladiator, The Godfather pt 2, Pulp fiction, The Usual Suspects, Schindler’s List, Unforgiven, Mystic River, Akira, Princess Mononoke, Ninja Scroll, Sword of the Stranger, and Treasure Planet. I prefer watching movies in the theaters, but when I can’t I don’t mind watching on my 60 inch TV.

  13. Hello class, my name is Harrison and i major in accounting. I love movies. I mostly watch comedy, action, and horror. I would usually watch movies on my computer, but I occasionally go to the movie theaters to watch it with a group of friends. When me and my friends don’t feel like going to the theaters, we would just all meet up at a friends house (usually a friend with a big t.v) and watch movies on Netflix. I don’t really have a favorite movie because I enjoy watching all of them most of the time. I can tell you what movies I do dislike, and one of them was “Unfriended”. Honestly I thought it was the worst horror movie I ever saw.

  14. Hi, My name is Kevin Ly. Before taking this class, I took Introduction to Film and Video Production, which was an elective course. In that class we learned how to hold a camera and how film production worked. We did projects where we would have to film and edit our own videos. I feel that taking that course will help me a little during this Introduction to Film class.

    The type of movies I like are scary movies, funny movies, and action movies with a little bit of drama in it. I like the suspense that builds up in movies, it makes you more attach to the movie. I like screening movies in a movie theater because of the vibe that the inside of a theater gives you. The sounding and the big screen gives you a feeling that makes you feel like your in the movie itself.

    Im a graphic design major but I like trying a little bit of everything and hopefully in the future I can also film and direct my own videos. This class sounds interesting being able to learn about the history of film, how it was created and more.

  15. Hello, My name is Ana. I am taking classes towards my associate in Fashion Marketing. I love cinema, It is fascinating, some because of their content, others because of the photography and the way it develops the story to the viewers. I’ve never taken a film history class before. Types of movies I like are Drama and Epic. I enjoy screening movies in my room, sometimes with a projector, TV or computer.

  16. Hey, my name is Keila and I’m a radiology major. I currently live on staten island and just started my third year of college. I’ve never taken a film class before and I’m pretty excited to start this one. I enjoy comedies and action films, but I love a good scary movie.

  17. Hello, my name is Myles Foster and I am a huge fan of the film industry. I am currently a first semester sophomore in a non-degree program. My major prior to this was communications, mainly focusing on broadcast journalism. Watching movies, especially documentaries, is something I’ve always liked to do as a kid. Growing up on many different types of movies has transitioned me into a huge movie critic. My favorite genre of movies are documentaries, horror, and drama. I look forward to enjoying myself in this course.

  18. Hello my name is Adedeji I am currently majoring in Liberal Arts and Sciences. My favorite movie genre is animation. I love movies that are made by Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks. When it comes to watching movies I don’t have a preference I don’t mind going out watching a movie by myself or with friends or staying at the comfort of my home watching a movie on Netflix or on cable.

  19. Hello everyone! My name is Osvaldo Mejia. I enrolled late to this class, can’t wait to be in the classroom and see what this is all about! I’ve recently just changed my major from Computer Engineering to Liberal Arts due to the overwhelming feeling I began to get second semester in. Anyways, I really enjoy films and recently I’ve been having problems sticking to movies of today due to the cinematography that they have. It seems like they just can’t shoot a simple movie without special effects left and right and the need to rush things. I like old movies due to the way I was thought to analyze them and why things happen. One of the things I learned is that NOTHING IS A MISTAKE. Movies I enjoy are Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction, Citizen Kane, Django, A Clockwork Orange and last but not least The Shining. I don’t know what it is about these movies but the fact that they have a cinematography of old school and tense moments without the need of huge special effects makes me get hooked. Can’t wait to meet you guys!

  20. Hi my name is Pedro, I’m a Junior at City Tech and I love to blog about movies with my friends. Movies is all I talk about with my friends. I have never taken a class on film before. I don’t have a genre for films but I am a sucker for action super hero films and I could proudly blame my childhood for that. I love to watch films at a movie theater with my best buds so afterwards we could discuss every scene of what we liked and didn’t. I usually watch must-see films at a movie theater. I love the movie theater screen’s because no matter what home theater equipment you own, it will never be the same as a movie theater experience. I do film projects with my friends and in the future I want to make films as a hobby not a profession. My two favorite directors are Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan. My favorite movies of all time is the Dark Knight and Good Fellas .

  21. Hi, ciao, zdravo, hola, yassou, oi, my ñame is Lisa And i speak several languages. I love to travel and I have lived in Montenegro, Albania, Greece and recently came from Dubrovnik, Croatia from studying international resorts. I like to kick box and I love to watch movies. My favorite movie is Godfather 🙂

    I hope to work in a resort in the future and hopefully open my own apartment buildings to rent. I am now a senior and am ready to graduate!

  22. Hey guys! This is my third semester here at City Tech and the beginning of my Sophomore year. I’m a Liberal Arts and Arts (LAA) major. And I’m a proud cinephile! I took a film course in my first semester in senior year of High School. I’m a particular fan of Quentin Tarentino and I’m hyped for The Hateful Eight dropping on Christmas later this year. I dig the way his characters can do some regular stuff like discuss the etiquette of tipping, which sounds like a conversation you could have with the squad while chilling at the diner and then do really outlandish things like rob a bank and torture a cop to the tune of “Stuck in the Middle With You”. And he mixes humor with good old fashioned violence like the iconic sequence in Pulp Fiction where Jules (played by Samuel L. Jackson) is holding Brett at gunpoint and does the iconic “ENGLISH, MF DO YOU SPEAK IT?” I also enjoy the works of fellow Bronx Boy Stanley Kubrick who attended school around where I live. A Clockwork Orange and The Shining set the standard for thrillers. And 2001: A Space Odyssey was the trippiest movie I ever saw since The Beatles’s Magical Mystery Tour and its influence on Sci-FI is second only to A Trip to the Moon. I also enjoy Dick Lester and his work on A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, Superman II and the not as good Superman III.

    On the TV side I like Joss Whedon best known for Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron in movies and Buffy:The Vampire Slayer and Angel. He’s another director that can have a dark situation that plays with the heartstrings of viewers. He’s not afraid to kill of any character. And so when the characters are in peril you feel it too because that character can die. No matter how beloved. He also manages to put humor in places humor wouldn’t ordinarily be found, like in a fight to the death or an actual death.

    That’s all folks!

  23. Hello, my name is Juan Colorado and this is my third semester in city tech. My major is construction management and civil engineering. I love watching movies and I like action, comedy, and documentaries. I prefer watching my movies in movie theaters.

  24. Hello Everyone!! My name is Alanna Church and this is my second year at City Tech. I am currently a Liberal Arts major because I have yet to decide what I really want to study. I have a love for music like no other and I enjoy reading often. I don’t watch movies often but when I do it has to be action or horror. I absolutely hate romance movies. I usually watch movies in the comfort of my home or in the theater when I’m with a bunch of friends

  25. Hey Guys, I was late in getting this class but I read your comments and it inspired me to write my own!

    I’m a liberal arts major and I’ve never taken an class on film, but I love movies. How does one choose one single favorite movie!? Mine is a actually a tie between Forest Gump directed by Robert Zemekis, Philadelphia by Jonathan Demme and Saving Private Ryan by the great Speilberg. As you can tell Tom Hanks is my favorite actor, ever thing he does is amazing! The Back to back Oscar winner can never choose a bad role. I also enjoy movies like The Fighter, Pulp Fiction, Truman Show, Traffic, Dark Knight, Breatheless, City of God and so much more. I love watching movies at home but I also enjoy going to the movies the whole experience as a package makes the movies better I think!

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