HW#3 Color, Food Photography and Instagram

Something that was once so annoying to me, “people taking pictures of  everything they eat”, I must admit I’m one of those persons since I’ve noticed that it gets more likes than anything else I post.  I love watching colored pictures of food online,  because visually its very easy to recognize exactly what is on the plate, which makes me know that I could recreate it. The professional photos on Instagram however, are visually beautiful but not necessarily appetizing to the taste. I recently watched a program on ” how to get the most likes on food photography”, the photographer made it clear that the foods which photographed the best were almost inedible,but deceivingly they look very appetizing.


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  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    Good point about how the best looking food photographs are usually inedible because photographers use many tricks, including applied color or shellac, to make the colors look more saturated.

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