Dwayne HW # 3

almost everyone you know has at-least one social media account. It may be facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, snapchat to even the most recent trend will be. it does not need to be an holiday for people to use their camera phone to show their friends and the world what food they are eating.  they get good lighting to the perfect angle to capture their food or desert they are about to eat.

i come from a Caribbean background. My parents are from Barbados. We only celebrate thanksgiving because i was born here. i was raised with the culture of Barbados in me. Usually my mother would cook food suck as baked macaroni pie, oxtails, rice, ham and so on. but this year we went to philadelphia to see family and had so much food such as the things i name before and much more. i did not get to save a picture of my plate because i put it on snapchat.

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