Devin Sauls’ Homework #4: Robert Frank’s America Review

I found the themes of Robert Frank’s photographs to be very artistic, yet a bit political at the same time. During his time exploring the Americas, he exposed the different sides of the Americans that they didn’t notice before. He wanted to understand and explore how an individual relates to a nation. Throughout his journey, he ended up showing America a whole new side with the harsh reality. In some photographs, he was able to show how united the nation is, yet was able to capture how divided and segregated the nation is in other photographs as well. As a young Jew, Frank didn’t have any experience with skin color racism until he went to the south and the racial segregation hit him hard. I feel that he did an amazing job capturing racism and giving rights back to the people of America that normally live their everyday lives ignoring all those racial problems. Frank’s themes of the ordinary people, religion, politics, and so much more were really captured in an artistic and political way because we still face these problems nowadays.

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