Sheena Delos Reyes: HW 4

As I was watching the video about Robert Frank, I find his photography Skills to be very artistic, interesting and somehow political. As we all know, Robert Frank is not an American so some of his photos deals with racism/segregation of black and white people. For example is his photo of peope in the bus. He was also be able to show how united people are in his photographs as well. I think he did an amazing job on capturing all those photos being said that he did not experience racial segregation in his country. Robert Frank’s theme was about the daily life of people, politics, racism and so much more that we still face today.

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Robert Frank: HW #4

Although Robert Frank’s work in The Americans isn’t the most glamorous or profound photographs ever taken they provide a different narrative and more raw and true narrative. Most pictures are often blurry and with it shot in black and white it doesn’t often too much clarity either. However, each photo still tells some sort of story. I find Frank’s work to be artistically bleak, bleak as in just depicting everyday regular life but artistic in a way that each photo tells a story of how disconnected and uninterested people can be to things happening around them and how their only focus is power through their day and also manages to depict a side of America not many people gets to see but its true to living in America. Frank depicts a true aspect of everyday life of the fact that it can be very bleak and boring at times and most photographers during that time their focus was to at least capture some excitement or at least something going on within human life but Frank went another route and said no I’m going to depict everyday life to its purest form the good, bad and the ugly.

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Devin Sauls’ Homework #4: Robert Frank’s America Review

I found the themes of Robert Frank’s photographs to be very artistic, yet a bit political at the same time. During his time exploring the Americas, he exposed the different sides of the Americans that they didn’t notice before. He wanted to understand and explore how an individual relates to a nation. Throughout his journey, he ended up showing America a whole new side with the harsh reality. In some photographs, he was able to show how united the nation is, yet was able to capture how divided and segregated the nation is in other photographs as well. As a young Jew, Frank didn’t have any experience with skin color racism until he went to the south and the racial segregation hit him hard. I feel that he did an amazing job capturing racism and giving rights back to the people of America that normally live their everyday lives ignoring all those racial problems. Frank’s themes of the ordinary people, religion, politics, and so much more were really captured in an artistic and political way because we still face these problems nowadays.

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Dwayne HW #4

After watching the video and seeing the work of Robert Frank’s photography, he has a really dope style. The way Frank was able to capture America and its people was amazing.  Frank’s photos captured the time when the US was dealing with segregation, racism and political issues that needed to be addressed. it took long for this to happen though. nothing he took was staged. he took everything as it happened in peoples lives.

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Dwayne HW # 3

almost everyone you know has at-least one social media account. It may be facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, snapchat to even the most recent trend will be. it does not need to be an holiday for people to use their camera phone to show their friends and the world what food they are eating.  they get good lighting to the perfect angle to capture their food or desert they are about to eat.

i come from a Caribbean background. My parents are from Barbados. We only celebrate thanksgiving because i was born here. i was raised with the culture of Barbados in me. Usually my mother would cook food suck as baked macaroni pie, oxtails, rice, ham and so on. but this year we went to philadelphia to see family and had so much food such as the things i name before and much more. i did not get to save a picture of my plate because i put it on snapchat.

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Jessica Pareja Homework #4: Robert Frank’s America

After watching the video and seeing some of Robert Frank’s photography, I’m able to say he was a fantastic photographer. Robert Frank was able to capture America and its people. In my opinion, the themes Frank addressed in his photographs were artistic, bleak and political. Frank’s photos capture the American culture which at the time was dealing with segregation, racism and political issues that need to be addressed. What makes Frank’s work interesting has he photographed the American people in their daily life and exposed the real American people. His photographs were controversial because no one likes seeing their reality they always want to look at their world as perfect. Robert Frank photographs show that images are robust and able to express more.

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Jessica Pareja HW #3: Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

Today everyone in society has at least a social media account or is aware of servers where you upload photos or videos. In social media, food photography has become big, and it becomes a trend. People like to take pictures of their food. Now people with a lot of followers are being paid to take a picture and post it on their social media. Owners no longer have to pay a professional food photographer to help them promote. Food photography posted on social media are interesting because of the color and the lighting. Just like Eggleston’s photographs where he uses color and brightness to make the photos glow. Food photography makes it desirable where it also makes people happy.

My family usually doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, however, for the holiday my family sometimes likes to go out and eat. We typically don’t cook for anything special for Thanksgiving. However, one of the things my family does on the holiday is bake or buy an apple pie. Either way, we enjoy eating an apple pie. The apple pie has been a  tradition in my family. Many people ask us why the apple pie and it’s because it represents the times when my family and I use to celebrate Thanksgiving where we would cook all day and spent that day together. Over the time, due to circumstances, we stopped, and the apple pie is something we only do. It’s the only thing we have time to gather together and eat.  We like apple pie it’s sweet and delicious. Like I mentioned before, you need color and lighting to make it desirable to people.

My Thanksgiving apple pie


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Robert Frank’s America

Robert Frank’s photos can be considered artistic, and political at the same time. The reason being is because each photograph have a specific theme whether it’s related to the individual, or the themes that it holds, and when being viewed, it provoked some sort of reaction, or emotion out of the viewer. Frank’s photos revealed American life, even though his intention was simply curiosity, he also captured history in his photographs. As stated in the video, all his images represented America as a country, and what the country had gone through during that period of time. There were pictures of people in rallies, and an emphasis on the American flag. The subjects on those types of images can mean a myriad of things such as conflict, unity, etc. His work is also an excellent source to look back on history, and a symbolic representation of the struggles that the struggle America experienced in the past.

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Homework #4: Robert Frank’s America-LAST HW

Robert Frank was one of the greatest photographer who didn’t get enough credit for his most important work “The American”. This book was one of the most important book in the 20th century. This book included 83 photos edited down from 27,000 photographs, revealed another side of American society which was very different from how Americans were used to seeing their country. The book was very controversial which had photos where Americans looked bleak, bored and did not include the typical photos of prideful and happy Americans. Franks photographs were still artistic but in a different way showing people the reality rather than presenting photos to benefits the political aspects. Frank had many more interesting photos which was not included in the book “The Americans”. Later on an exhibition took place at the Cantor Art Center by curator Peter Glassy where he showcased unique photos of Robert Frank which was never shown before. Peter Glassy organized the photos by theme which included ordinary people, religion, politics and many more. He also included photos in the exhibition which showed color racism which was never published.

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HW#4 Homework #4: Robert Frank’s America

In the video of the exhibition, one of the major theme I found is freedom. There were few pictures of women who didn’t wear very conservative clothing which suggests the freedom that they had while living in America. There was also a sense of patriotism that was shown through the images of flags. I found this exhibition of Robert Frank’s work quite bleak since most people in his pictures didn’t have any pleasant facial features, rather they had more of a depressing expression on their face. In my opinion, through his photographs he was in search of capturing real Americans but while doing that he also captured the depressing moments that the people were suffering from during that time period.

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