Robert Frank: HW #4

Although Robert Frank’s work in The Americans isn’t the most glamorous or profound photographs ever taken they provide a different narrative and more raw and true narrative. Most pictures are often blurry and with it shot in black and white it doesn’t often too much clarity either. However, each photo still tells some sort of story. I find Frank’s work to be artistically bleak, bleak as in just depicting everyday regular life but artistic in a way that each photo tells a story of how disconnected and uninterested people can be to things happening around them and how their only focus is power through their day and also manages to depict a side of America not many people gets to see but its true to living in America. Frank depicts a true aspect of everyday life of the fact that it can be very bleak and boring at times and most photographers during that time their focus was to at least capture some excitement or at least something going on within human life but Frank went another route and said no I’m going to depict everyday life to its purest form the good, bad and the ugly.

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