Homework #2 Food and Coffee in the Civil War

I find it fascinating that a Civil War soldier’s essential diet is coffee. I’m assuming that the soldiers find coffee as a way to refuel their energy. Coffee is also argued to be addictive as well. However, I believe that water is the most essential liquid to any human being because of the fact that the human body is made up of 60% of water. Additionally, I find it amusing that the word ‘coffee’ appears more frequently than ‘rifle’ or ‘bullet’ in Civil War diaries. This truly shows the importance of coffee to the soldiers. For me, I don’t drink coffee. I’ve tried it many times and I feel that it has absolutely no effect on me. A food that I can’t live without is a sandwich. I feel that sandwiches are the most efficient food because it provides great nutrition and is extremely convenient. There are a variety ways to make a sandwich but I personally enjoy eating a Vietnamese Sandwich the most!

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