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Homework 4

Robert Frank was an extraordinary photographer in my opinion. He depicted America in a way that is unique through his photographs. Like Peter Galassi said, “the people often look distracted or bored”, and Frank was able to capture how the … Continue reading

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HW#3: Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

For Thanksgiving, I had turkey with a side of mashed potatoes. Food photography has become somewhat of a sensation for others. With social media platforms like Snapchat, people are able to share their experiences immediately by posting a picture or … Continue reading

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Homework #2 Food and Coffee in the Civil War

I find it fascinating that a Civil War soldier’s essential diet is coffee. I’m assuming that the soldiers find coffee as a way to refuel their energy. Coffee is also argued to be addictive as well. However, I believe that … Continue reading

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Samuel Lau: HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

There are many social media platforms that play a major role in photography. For example, Instagram, one of the most impactful and massive social media platforms allow users to make posts dedicated to pictures. These pictures can be intimate, or … Continue reading

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