Food and Coffee in the Civil War

What I think is most fascinating about a civil war soldier’s diet is the strength of the soldiers; they were eating meat once in a while, food without taste, and a plain diet. I can not imagine the days that went by with that diet because when I had a surgery I couldn’t eat meat, especially pork, for at least a week, that week was a terrible week for me. I love eating pork and not having pork in my diet made my body weaken, I was sleepy all day, I didn’t feel like doing something, but once that week passed, the first thing I did was eat pork and I suddenly felt like new. I believe that protein in meat is essential in a human’s diet to feel strength to keep us active every day. I can’t live without tortilla, chili, and pork meat and a good Mexican season.

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  1. I too cannot imagine not eating for days and living on coffee alone as I enjoy eating pork too and the various products like ham and bacon.

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