hw # 2


The most fascinating thing in my opinion is not their diet, but it’s how the concept of cooking to them was such a challenge. It says that they were accustomed to the women or the slave in the house cooking all their meals so they never even tried cooking.

So they had to adjust to poor taste and quality compared to the women in their own houses. It’s amazing how coffee was treated as such a luxurious food item in their diet. soldiers would drink it before entering battle and after, if they survived the battle. It was such an important thing in their tenure as a soldier that they used to write a lot about it in their diaries.

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It’s such an overlooked item because we use it almost everything that we do , cleaning , cooking , growing food, drinking. So it goes without saying, water is essential in all our lives and life wouldn’t exist without it.

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  1. Nisreen says:

    Like you when I read about the lack of cooking by soldiers it made me wonder how they used to view women back then.

  2. It’s true, water is the most essential element in our lives, to stay hydrated, for growing food and much more.

  3. Edith Munoz says:

    I agree since water is mainly used in almost everything we eat.

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