Midterm Exam: Short List and Terminology

André Kertész, From “On Reading” New York City, April 23, 1969

I have posted the short list for the midterm exam under Class Downloads/Slide Lists. Any image you see on the midterm will be taken from this list. Please take time to review the Exam Format for the midterm. The exam format file is located under ClassDownloads/Exam Format. The midterm has four parts. Our midterm exam is on Monday October 23rd at 11:30 am sharp. Please arrive early because we will begin promptly.

The following are the terms for the Terminology section of the Midterm Exam.

Choose 3 of the following terms to discuss.  Write a few complete sentences defining the process (3 points), highlighting its advantages and disadvantages, and give an example (2 points). Total for each definition is 5 points.


wet-plate collodion process


gum bichromate process (gum print)


photogenic drawing

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