In person field trip

Hi all. Want you to be prepared for tomorrow so a few key points:

Please be at the location at the link at 2:30pm tomorrow, as our tour will start at 3pm: It will be the building with the bright orange fins around all of the windows. If its cold and you’re hanging out somewhere just text me at 917 971-6776 and I’ll tell you when to come to the building.

I’ve attached an assignment to submit to blackboard by Friday evening. Review it before getting to the site so you have ideas of what to ask, but please don’t limit yourself to just what I wrote. You should fill this out some time after class time.

Don’t forget your hardhats!!!!

4697 Third Avenue Field Report

Prof. Anthony Samaha

If you cannot attend in person field trip, please see the Virtual Fieldtrip assignment linked here.

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Fall 2021 Workshops Series

>AutoCAD Workshop <Albert Vargas Wednesdays 7PM – 8PM
>Revit Workshop <JeanPierre Gomez Mondays & Wednesdays 5PM – 6PM

> Intro to Rhino+Adobe Workshop <Joshua Garcia Thursdays 12PM – 2PM

> Intermediate Rhino Workshop <Joel Cardenas
Tuesdays 7PM – 8PM

> Intermediate Adobe Workshop <Laurin Moseley
Tuesdays 6PM – 7PM
Advanced Rhino+Render Workshop <Hito Rodriguez
Saturdays 10AM – 11AM
ArcGIS Workshop <Freddy Ruiz
Mondays 6PM – 7:30PM
Organic 3D Modeling: Grasshopper Workshop <Yevgeniy Koramblyum
Fridays 11AM – 1PM
Fall 2021 Special Topic Workshops
SEPT 21 & 28Embodied Carbon Workshop < Victoria Ereskina

Tuesdays 6:30PM – 6:30PM 21, OCT 19 & NOV 2> Digital Fabrication Workshop: Prep Files < Joshua Garcia
Tuesdays 1PM – 2PM 28 & NOV 2 > Zoom Workshop: Basics < Laurin Moseley Tuesdays 3PM – 4PM 12 & OCT 19 > Revit: Parametric Paneling Workshop < JeanPierre Gomez Tuesdays 6:30PM – 7:30PM 28, NOV 4 & NOV 11 > 3DSMax Workshop < Albert Vargas Thursdays 5PM – 6PM 13 & NOV 20 > After Effects Workshop < Joel Cardenas Saturdays 2PM – 3PM

NOV 16, NOV 23 & NOV 30 > Portfolio Workshop < Laurin Moseley
Tuesdays 6PM – 7PM
TBA > Advanced BIM Workshop: Curtain Wall & Thermal Analysis < Nicholas Soniprasad TBA  
TBA > Building Performance Workshop < Uroosa Ijaz TBA    OneOne_Help Sessions.pdfSpecial Topic Workshops_Fall 2021.pdfWorkshops Series_Fall 2021.pdf

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Building Height

What is the building’s height that we are currently making the plans and elevations for?

Utilized the elevation drawings of maison Gartte-Cie case study project on OpenLab. You know the long East-West dimension (55’) from the dimension diagram. Use that information to scale the elevation drawings. You are encouraged to do more research on the case study building including it’s dimensions, consider searching for more drawings and evaluating building pictures.

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Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester and Building Technology 2 course

On this website you will find the syllabus, software used, textbooks, schedule, lecture notes, assignments,  support information and more.

This website is constantly being updated and tuned please check back regularly.


This semester there 5 sections of BT2 they are as follows:
Section Meeting Time [Instructor]
15360 HD66 Tu-Th 8:00AM – 10:05AM [Pellegrino-Firestone]
15361 HD68 Tu-Th 10:30AM – 12:35PM [Aptekar, Alexander]
15362 HD72 Tu-Th 2:30PM – 4:35PM [Aptekar, Alexander]
65346 HD75 Tu-Th 2:30PM – 4:35PM [Samaha, Anthony]
15359 HE78 Tu-Th 6:00PM – 8:05PM [Yang, Jieun]

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Ecofest Panels

Thursday, April 22nd, 10:0am-5pm

Panels :
Environmental Justice (10:00 am)
Innovative Technologies (11 :00 am)
Resilient 21 / Policy-Laws and Regulations Biden Administration- First 100 Days of Change (12:00 pm)
Culture and Communication (2:00 pm)
Food and Climate Connections (3:00 pm)



Questions for the New York City mayor candidates

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Stud Plan Layout

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CircleIn is “Live” at City Tech!

CircleIn is an easy to use studying app and website. Think of it as a massive circle of students, your classmates, who share your pain when it comes to all of the homework and testing. Everyone is there to help. It has all the tools and resources you need to stay productive and pass your class(es).

Log-In Instructions for students have been emailed to them and follow:


  1. Visit the Student App Website:
  2. Search for “City Tech – New York City College of Technology
  3. Click on “First Time Here? Activate Your Account”
  4. Enter your “.edu” City Tech email address
  5. An email will be sent – Click on the Link in the email to create your password
  6. You will now be authenticated into the platform


  1.  Download the app on your mobile phone by searching for “CircleIn” in your Apple App store or Google Play Store
  2. Search for “City Tech – New York City College of Technology
  3. Create your account using your school email address
  4. Enter the verification code that was just sent to your email
  5. You’re all set – Select your rewards and start studying

The objective is to make sure you are surrounded by help from your classmates and give you a place where you can contribute to supporting your peers as well.

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A clarification on “Sketchbook/notes” submissions.

We review your “Sketchbook/notes” four times over the semester [see the class schedule or the dates below]. You should keep up to date with the weekly assignments, so you are prepared for class and do not have a big set of notes to complete at once. You should include notes on your reading and on the lectures. You should also keep a list of useful AutoCAD tricks, key commands, and functions. I will be sharing some examples of good “Sketchbook/notes” submissions in future classes. Please include your own diagrams, and sketches in addition to any written notes you take.

  • Wednesday, 02, 15, 2021 Sketchbook/notes 1of4
  • Wednesday, 03, 22, 2021 Sketchbook/notes 2of4
  • Wednesday, 04, 14, 2021 Sketchbook/notes 3of4
  • Wednesday, 05, 24, 2021 Sketchbook/notes 4of4
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Question: Should I show the property lines in the site plan. The lines are in red, is this how you wanted the site plan? 

Yes, please include the property lines in your 300:1 scale drawing. Typically, in AutoCAD the line color sets the printing line weight. We will discuss that in 2-9-21 class. The line type should be either, long dash and two short dashes (for property lines) or just straight long dashes (for lot lines).

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