A04 Final submittal

This submittal should include all the drawings required for this project and reflect the feedback you got during your assignment 03 pin up. Refer to assignment A1 through A3 for more details.

This assignment is VERY important for your Module 1 grade so read the instructions carefully and double check your files before submitting.

Prepare the following documents (including 10 boards, 34×22) for your final submission on blackboard:

  1. Site Maps (3 altitudes: 30,000’, 3000’, 300’), extract images from Google Earth
    For each image indicate the height/scale, show the north arrow on the sheet
  2. Structural Grid @   1/4”=1’-0” (drawing number S-101)
    This document should show only walls/columns and the structural grid
    The grid should be an Xref (different dwg file) linked into your document
  3. Plans (@ 1/4”=1’-0”)
    1. ground floor plan (drawing number A-101)
    2. living level plan (drawing number A-102)
    3. bedroom level plan (drawing number A-103)
    4. deck plan (drawing number A-104)
    1. roof plan (drawing number A-105)
  4. elevations (@ 1/4”=1’-0”) two per page
    1. elevations 1 (2 of North, South, East, West) (A-201)
    2. elevations 2 (2 of North, South, East, West) (A-202)
  5. sections 3 (@ 1/4”=1’-0”) (A-301, A-302)
  6. Screenshots from the 3d model (A-901)
    1 to 4 (Recommended) images from the 3d model of the building on an AutoCAD sheet

All boards must contain:

  • north arrow (applicable if plan)
  • graphic scale (for each unique scale)
  • dimensions for structural grid
  • drawing titles


  • submit BOTH the pdf and the dwg files.
  • approximately 8 (or more) boards, 34×22 in PDF format
  • DWG files and xrefs (etransmit)
  • 3d model of the building (any format: rhino, dwg, sketchup, etc)
  • recommended, combine the individual pdf pages into 1 file.

Name files using the following naming convention:

  • course_professor initials_semester_project name_student name
  • (ex: ARCH2331_AA_F20_Grid_JoseSanchez-01.jpg)
  •  files not conforming to department standards may be graded.