In person field trip

Hi all. Want you to be prepared for tomorrow so a few key points:

Please be at the location at the link at 2:30pm tomorrow, as our tour will start at 3pm: It will be the building with the bright orange fins around all of the windows. If its cold and you’re hanging out somewhere just text me at 917 971-6776 and I’ll tell you when to come to the building.

I’ve attached an assignment to submit to blackboard by Friday evening. Review it before getting to the site so you have ideas of what to ask, but please don’t limit yourself to just what I wrote. You should fill this out some time after class time.

Don’t forget your hardhats!!!!

4697 Third Avenue Field Report

Prof. Anthony Samaha

If you cannot attend in person field trip, please see the Virtual Fieldtrip assignment linked here.

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