Virtual Fieldtrip

Review at least 4 movies/ videos and create an analytical review on it. Use both words, images, and diagrams to complete the review.  Create the illustrated review as a PDF.  Select videos 3 from the list below and one of your choosing.

Include in your review at least the following topics:

  • What is the focus of the video, what are the major issues addressed in the video
  • explain the technical challenges discussed
  • what is missing from the video
  • what is the point of view of the video producers
  • cite the work for your selected video include a link to the video

Olive Passive House tour by DEMO architects

475 On-Site: Net-Zero Upstate NY, Passive-esque House On A Budget

Acorn Glade Passive House Tour

475 On Site: SURE HOUSE, winning entry for the 2015 DOE Solar Decathlon

Living In A Passive House: Theory vs. Reality

Straw Bale – Traditional material meets world class building standard – Passive House

Bishop Passive House: Wall Assembly

Webinar: Passive House & Low Energy Housing Design

Net Zero Homes: Why it’s easy to build one now!

Mid-year International Passive House Open Days – Arrowtown New Zealand

Exploring Passive House Design – 90% Energy Savings!

Green Home with no furnace in Falmouth, Maine