Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester and Building Technology 2 course

On this website you will find the syllabus, software used, textbooks, schedule, lecture notes, assignments,  support information and more.

This website is constantly being updated and tuned please check back regularly.


This semester there 5 sections of BT2 they are as follows:
Section Meeting Time [Instructor]
15360 HD66 Tu-Th 8:00AM – 10:05AM [Pellegrino-Firestone]
15361 HD68 Tu-Th 10:30AM – 12:35PM [Aptekar, Alexander]
15362 HD72 Tu-Th 2:30PM – 4:35PM [Aptekar, Alexander]
65346 HD75 Tu-Th 2:30PM – 4:35PM [Samaha, Anthony]
15359 HE78 Tu-Th 6:00PM – 8:05PM [Yang, Jieun]

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