B01 Reference material

Research the Module B case study project.

Collect at least the following reference material to be uploaded to blackboard

  • Site Maps and/or drawings [Recommended scales 1” equals 20’ and 200’ and 100,000’ for the 1″ to 20″ scale drawing look for tax Maps which give you lot sizes with dimensions]
  • Plans (all, including the roof plan)
  • Photographs including one showing each elevation clearly (6 minimum)
  • Elevations (2 minimum)
  • Recommended; sections, axonometric drawing’s and 3D models

You are required to credit your source for each image or drawing.

Charles Brown and Sons [Aptekar] Case study section only:

Develop your case study projects elevations. Complete the South and East elevations bye the Monday deadline. Your contextual elevations will be created later in the semester. You will be able to use your project case study elevations to help generate your assigned contextual elevations.

Notes general notes:

  • Use the metric AutoCAD template
  • Sketch the elevation for units number 60 and 62 East St
    • [the full building South elevation includes units 60-66]
  • your elevations should be at 1:50 scale
  • for scaling the underlay utilized the [6770 mm] dimension given on the miro board