Class 4 – Kerning, Tracking, InDesign

We’re moving right along and I thing everyone is getting the hang of relief printing.  We will probably do a few more exercises to give everyone a chance to get the results they want.

Relief Printing

During the last class we were to create one word with the type blocks. The next step is to create stacked sets of word so that you can experiment with linespace/leading. We will finish this on Monday.

Topics Covered
  •  Creating new documents in InDesign
  • The difference between kerning and tracking
  • Kerning letter pairs in InDesign
  • Tracking letters in InDesign
  • Creating a Post in OpenLab —Your first homework assignment was to take 20 photos of type and lettering in your neighborhood and then write a one page paper describing what the type revealed about your neighborhood. With this assignment, select 4 -5 of those photos and create your own blog post. You should cut and paste the text from the paper that you wrote.  If you don’t recall what I showed you in class, you can use this video to help you.
  • Finish carving your letter if you haven’t finished in class already.

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