Jacquelyn Blain

Feature Article Brainstorm Questions

● What I know a lot about is:Β 

Cooking, cleaning, xray, bible, work, schedules, reading, music.

● What I’m passionate about is:Β 

I am passionate about reading and I like cooking my own food instead of buying already cooked meals. Lately I have gotten obsessed with meal prep. I find it simplifies my life a lot. 

● What I start Googling when I have nothing better to do is:

Meal prep videos and America’s got talent videos.

● I would go crazy if someone told me I had to stop doing:

Meal prep 

● What makes me really angry is:

I like being organized. Hate things all over the place. I tend to get really frustrated if something goes wrong because I decided not to schedule it or calculate it.

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  1. Lucia

    I also meal prep and what I love about meal prepping is, there is one less thing to worry about to eat during the day especially if you are taking it to work. Two you save lost of money. Three its a healthy way of eating, then ordering food all the time which is not always good.
    Do not stop food prepping. I get lazy at times too but its the best way to go.

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