Jacquelyn Blain

Feature Questions

What I know a lot about:

I know a lot about nursing, psychology, hair care, and Mariah Carey (I’m such a big fan, it’s embarrassing).

What I am passionate about:

I am passionate about reading, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, music, and cooking.

What I start Googling when I have nothing better to do:

Any and everything. My interests are very broad. Lately since I have been reading a few historical fiction novels (The Poppy Wars and Outlander series), I have been looking up random historical events that are in the books. These are events I have heard of because of required school work over the years but did not remember or understand fully. Learning about history like this has been a far superior because I have actually maintained interest.

I would go crazy if someone told me I had to stop doing:

Listening to audiobooks, as opposed to reading books. I have gotten in several heated discussions about this, specifically when I have told a friend that I have read a certain book and their response is β€œYou mean you listened to it?”

What makes me really angry:

Random meaningless prejudices and stigmatizations, such as the idea of listening to audiobooks as more lowbrow than traditional reading.

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