Jacquelyn Blain

Extending Reality

Pitch: How are people using XR (extended reality) technologies in unique ways? This includes VR, AR, and AR outside of pure gaming/immersion capabilities.

Some specific highlights:


The face of education is changing in light of technological advancements, and teachers across the globe can take advantage of accessible software to enhance their curriculum and classroom.


Healthcare – Specifically older folks in facilities.

Social Communities: Create empathy by simulating life for individuals with a disability, injury, or in disparaged communities.



Imagine a future where going to school meant that instead of listening to a teacher droning on at the front of a classroom so they could temporarily memorize information for a test, kids donned hard hats and picked up excavation tools to unearth secret ancient treasures at the bottom of the ancient pyramids. In this future, children learn about history by actually experiencing it, having conversations with Cleopatra, and watching the Egyptian priests go through the delicate ritual of embalmment and mummification. 

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Wonderful hook. This should be very interesting!

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