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Baseball Discourse Community

Learning about discourse community, I believe everyone is associated with it at least one way or another. I belong to one I appreciate every day and will like to do my job in the future. I am blessed to be a part of the Shaolin Rays baseball team and call this my discourse community. It is important to me to be a part of something like this because it keeps me in top shape and is a way to take my mind off my everyday struggles. My goal is to make it to the professional level someday. Citytech doesn’t have a baseball program; after I get my Associate’s Degree, I will transfer to a school with a baseball program. A baseball program with preferably a division program is the highest level to play at the college level, with the last being Division three. I must receive a college education first and then get drafted to a professional team. In my discourse community, we use different slang to communicate, as do other groups. We have our way of communicating without letting the other team know what we are saying; for instance, when we say certain people’s (John or Edwin’s) name, that means to lay down a bunt other teams might have hand expression to call for a bunt. In baseball, we have ranks of command starting from the manager, bench coach, first base coach, and third base coach. After that follows the team’s captain, that’s an individual chosen by the coaches to represent and lead the guys on the baseball field, leading by example in and out of the baseball field. The leaders are usually the older guys who have more experience than their teammates to be role models to follow. In my discourse community, here are some words we use.

Moonshot: Is refer to a baseball hit really far and high resulting in a homerun.

See ball hit ball: This means keep your eyes on the ball don’t turn your head from it.

John or Edwin: This two name is a sign for the hitter lay down a bunt which is to hit a baseball lightly so that the ball rolls for a short distance.

Stay short: This is in reference to your swing motion keep it as compact as possible to much movement and you will not be able to catch up to the ball.

Plakata: Is refer to when you a homerun.

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    This should be great! A real insider’s look at baseball.

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