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Observation Community

Working for memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Care Hospital, certainly has its perks of discourse communities within. However, being part of the floating team is one of the most adventurous community. I float to each floor in the hospital and assigned to one or two patients that are either total confused and unaware of there environment, a patient who is contemplating suicide and patients who have unsteady gait. the core of the observation consists of

(1) Assessment from Doctors and Nurses.

(2)Electroencephalographic (EEG) test that detects abnormalities in brain waves.

(3)Restraints such as (mittens, 4 side rail confinement, and body vest)

(4)Professional to patient observation (1 to1) in some cases a behavioral rapid maybe implemented due to a combative patient to ensure the safety of staff and the patient themselves.

After the Doctor places the order for a 1 to 1 observation that is where I come into play observing the patient based on the report and diagnosis I receive from the nurse. When I first started the job everything was foreign to me the terminology was so unfamiliar for example in report the nurse would say the patient is A and O x2 which means, alert and oriented intermittingly another example was the patient is NPO ok “please I thought to myself explain this one to me” this means nothing by mouth who would of figured that out. I got so familiar to the “language” of the medical facility that I am able to educate my family and friends on the dialect and its meanings.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is interesting enough as an introduction. For your essay, you need to flesh it out, show us how it works in real life, and talk about the people in your discourse community as well as your own involvement/learning curve.

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