The topic I will be discussing about will be the evolution of CPU chips and why it is important to our current world. I am a computer science student and I also love building computers which makes it easier for me to relate to it, I have also had some experience with CPU chips are I fried my first one when I was building my first computer.

I am expecting my research to cover most of my talk, I will talk about how CPU chips help improve our daily live over the past decades. How do CPU affect the economy in general (technology, cars, etc). I think I will be able to find some images from when CPU chips were invented and stats about how it grew exponentially over the decades to backup my research. I think this talk will help improve my knowledge on CPU and how it continues to get better every decade.

If my research ends up with any information that goes against what I was looking for, I think I will still use it in my talk rather than to throw it out because its an opportunity to take a new perspective and enlarged my circle of knowledge which will even make the talk more interesting. I might add the new knowledge to mines because I like to stand on my believes.