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Worksheet – Julian Ruiz

Secret of success in 8 words, 3 minutes by Richard Saint John

  • What is the first thing the presenter says? A quote and who said it, an analogy, a detailed description, a question.
The first thing he says is how the presentation he was going to give was a 2hr one for high school students but cut it down to 3 minutes.
  • What is the first image?
The first image is a picture of “him” in the middle of a room surrounded by other people.
  • Main Point of the intro.
The main point of the intro is Richard Saint John is explaining how he was approached by a student and was asked “what makes a person successful” and that he felt bad because he couldn’t give her a good answer.
  • What image starts this section. Is it tied to another quote or description or question?
The image that starts this section is related to the topic at hand and being a successful person. The image has a statement and it says, “What leads to success. 7 years of research. 500 interviews.”
  • Point 1: (Personal experience,observation, example.)
The first point talks about how passion is one of the key points to success. It also gives a quote from Freeman Thomas that states “I am driven by my passion.”
  • Point 2: (Personal experience,observation, example.)
The second point talks about how work is another key point to success. There is a quote from Ruppert Murdoch that states, “It’s all hard work.Nothing comes easily. But I have a lot of fun.”
  • Point 3: (Personal experience,observation, example.)
The third point states that to be successful, you need to be good at what you do. Practice it so you can get better. There is a quote that Alex Garden, a game developer states, “To be successful, put your nose down in something and get damn good at it.”
  • Other points : (Personal experience,observation, example.)
Another key point would be to push yourself; to keep on trying. David Gallo, a marine scientist states that, “Push yourself. Physically, mentally. You gotta push, push,push!!!”
  • Image to lead into or start conclusion.
The image the presenter uses to lead into the conclusion is a picture of all the things he and other people said of what helps people become successful.
  • How does the image relate to the topic?
The image relates to the topic by informing people ways to become successful. It even answers the question that the student asked him.
  • Final element: suggestion or advice about how to take what you’ve said and use it to their advantage, question for them to think about, quote & who said it, analogy.
Based on what I’ve learned, I will use that knowledge by striving for my dream to pass college, get my bachelors degree, and to become successful. A question I would have is if it’s too late for some people to succeed, are there ways to redeem themselves?

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice work. I wonder why OpenLab published it with that wonky formatting? Oh, well. By the way, the very last question is about what techniques the presented used that you might try yourself in your own TEDTalk, although I’m glad you took something personal away from it, too.

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