New York

who: who was the founder of New York?

what: What is the main purpose of New York?

When: When was New York founded?

Where: where is the founder of New York from?

Why: Why was the Titanic coming to New York?

How: How did the railroad system start in New York?

History of movie theaters

Who: Who invented the movie theaters?

What: What is the name of the first movie theater?

When: When was the first movie theater invented?

Where: Where were the movie theaters invented?

Why: Why were the movie theaters created?

How: How did the inventor of movie theaters new what he was doing?

I’m more interested in the History of Movie theaters, I have being looking for information and I found that the first movie theater in the United States is at least 90 years old and its name is Newtown Theatre. I’ll continue with my research and get to know the answers of all my questions and I want to let my audience know more about the History of movie theaters.