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James Baldwin was talking about how the world can affect you depending on who you are. Whether you grew up poor or rich or colored or not colored, everything can affect you. Some people can be affected a bit more than others. When Baldwin says “the world is larger” he means how there is more than what we are able to see. We can’t see what happens in the dark alleyways or anything behind closed doors or what happens to people. It is different for everyone.

I think I have the necessity to examine our future. No one teaches us what we want to be or who we want to become. Family and friends can push us to do something that we enjoy and that can really help us find who we want to be. For certain people, school can help them achieve what they want to be. Knowing about your future can be the best decision you can make. It helps you prepare for obstacles along the way. Yes, a TEDTalk can be created from Baldwin’s article. Baldwin has provided a lot of information about how the world works. Although the article takes place in the 1960’s you can look at it differently. Baldwin’s article informs readers about how the world can affect them. This can easily be changed into a TEDTalk informing readers on how their actions affect their future.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    That would be an interesting TEDTalk, but what else do you think you could create one about? I love your comment about the world being more than we can see, by the way.

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