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Conventions H.W – Julian Ruiz

In the times that I have read texts, there are a lot and very important conventions. Conventions are very essential when making an educational narrative. The “ingredients” conventions should have are emotion, relatability, and questioning. The best thing to start with when writing an education narrative is something about your personal life that has effected in a major way however, it must be related to education. Something along the lines of “The way I wrote was different to the way others wrote” is one way to start. Another way you can start an education narrative is with facts and schools and education. To be honest, I do have a lot of questions when it comes to writing a narrative. One question is should I be cautious as I write an education narrative, or should I just write to my hearts content? I ask this because to be honest there are some things that should be in an education essay and some things that should not be in an education essay. Another question would be relatively how long should an educational essay be? Should it be short like a short story, or long like a 2-3 page essay, or a combination of both.

An educational experience I had was when I was in elementary school. When in elementary school, I had speech class because I needed help with using vocabulary because I had trouble with that as a kid. People would even make fun of me for being “different” from them. However, I always thought to myself that I can grow out of it and I will become better. Next thing you know I find out that I don’t need speech and I was happy because I proved to myself that I can do better as long as I do the hard work.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    First, good for you for overcoming that speech class! Ugh… kids can be so cruel.

    Second, write to your heart’s content. This is YOUR story, and it should indeed have something to do with education. It can be a story from your own life, or a thoughtful essay about the state of education in this country… or anything in between. What should and shouldn’t be in this is really what I’m talking about when I ask about the conventions of an education narrative (good list, by the way). But how you give us that content is entirely up to you! Honesty is the best way to go, truly…

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