Jonathan Stampfl, Project 2, Final Draft


My project looks at the importance and affects of lighting in Science Fiction films. I wanted to look at certain lighting techniques that are commonly used in science fiction films and how does that affect the tone or theme of the story. I used the original Star Wars trilogy as my example to look at. I was going to do more films, but there was a lot of information on the lighting in Star Wars so I decided to just stick with that. I also looked at how the tones that were created by the lighting brought the themes and the story together. In my research I looked at certain blogs that talked about film techniques and I also looked at articles with the director of photography of the films on how they decided to light certain scenes. My main purpose for this project was to get across to people how important lighting is to a film and that it is not just there to illuminate, but it is there to give a scene or story meaning my bring emotions to the screen.

In my research I learned that a main lighting technique in science fiction films is the use of blue lighting. Blue lighting adds a science fiction feeling to the film and it also adds a dramatic tone to the film as well as making the scenes more serious. I also learned that the most common technique used is three point lighting, I figured this because this technique is used in almost and if not all films. This is a great technique for a science fiction film because it allows the production crew to manipulate the shadows to have more dramatic tones and to have a more creative looking scene. I learned that there are a lot of scenes in Star Wars were lighting is used to show the theme of Hero vs Villain or Good vs Evil. This is one way were lighting helps the audience realize who is the protagonist or the antagonist and how they should feel when they are on the screen. Lighting affects so many things that people don’t realize how crucial it is to a movie, I hope my project helps people open there eyes to see how I see lighting in film through my eyes.

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The Mind is a Powerful tool

Wow so this is it our last blog, I can’t believe how quick this semester has moved, i remember like it was yesterday doing our very first blog. Now to the book, I can honestly say that the second half of the book was defiantly more enjoyable then the first half. I also enjoyed the ending because it just brought everything together and her report gave me some clarity with it.

When Connie first went to the Future New York i was a little lost, but when she started talking to Glidina I realized what was going on. “Time Traveling, Connie Smiled with Sophistication. it was almost fun. She imagined Luciente must have felt laying down the unbelievable truth to naive ears. Now she was the visitor from elsewhere.”(pg 283) This was an interesting to me because first of all she is comparing herself to Luciente and after reading the book i can look back and say that Luciente honestly could have been the futuristic version of Connie or just another personality she created that she wanted to strive to be. The other thing is how she has accepted time traveling as something she found to be fun compared to something she felt she had to do. After Connie decided to leave this version of a futuristic New York she says ” So that was the other world that might come to be. That was Luciente’s war and she was enlisted in it.”(pg 295) This just added to my belief that this world was in her head because she didn’t have a problem visiting Luciente until that thing was put in her head. I also found it interesting that we finally found out this war that people had been fighting was actually a war against time and its possible outcomes.

Now that Connie believed she was at war she did everything in her power to win and help Luciente’s time line. “It’s war Sybil … if i could get out and furlough, I know i could run for it. The city’s so close here. Once off this ward, we’d have it made! People come in and out of this building all day, outpatients, volunteers, if only i could make it to the elevators.” (pg 336) Since i Believe this whole future and time traveling was in her head this is where i would say Connie finally cracked. She has not only brought this in to the real world, but she honestly thinks she is at war and she is incorporating the help of other people who are not part of this, just because she thinks she can help Luciente from her time line. However i feel like since Luciente is just another personality of Connie she was strongly on trying to help herself. In the last chapter of the novel we see People leaving the Hospital, Connie and Sybil still try to plan there escape. ” I’m ready to try Consuelo. I cannot permit them to operate on me if i have anyway to stop them. it’s kind of death.” ( pg 360) The first thing i found really interesting about this was the name was chosen to use for Connie, they used Consuelo instead of Connie. I feel like this was used because Consuelo was the personality that went through so much and still some how fought through it, in other words Consuelo was a survivor or maybe even a fighter. The other thing that got me was how she talked about death and it being the same thing or even better in her mind then getting another surgery, i guess losing who you really are is like dying because you are being forced to be something you are not. The book ends on a hectic note, with everything happening with Connie and her helping Sybil and she still felt like this was a win for her and she got a victory in this war she had been fighting for a long time. However it was not really a war of time, but more of a war in Connie between her different personality’s and who she strived to be. It was a war of the mind of a woman who was a survivor and doing whatever she had to do to succeed was what she did.

This novel overall was literally split down the middle with me, but it defiantly brought science fiction and reality together in the struggle of a woman who was struggling to be the best she can be. This is why my title is the mind is a powerful tool because is can create stories, other people and worlds and we are the ones who are in control of them and its our job to draw the line between reality and whats our imagination.


Proposal draft 2, 4/26/15

After extensive thought i have decided to do my project 2 on lighting because i actually hope to work on a film set one day working with lighting . To be more specific im going to be researching lighting in certain science fiction films. I feel like lighting is such an important part of film and most people don’t realize how important it really is. Lighting is what sets the tone for a scene or most of the time the overall tone of the film.

with that being said let me explain some of the things im going to research and focus on with this project. I have chosen three science fiction movies i will look at and they are Star wars (Maybe just a New Hope, but i feel like its going to be the original trilogy), Alien (just the first one) and 2001 a space odyssey. I’m going to look at the overall tone of these films based on lighting and what that says about them and then compare them. Also im going to look at certain scenes from the films and look at the tone of those as well, but im also going to look at if the lighting based on a certain scenes symbolizes something or has a certain theme to it. I’m going to be looking for similar lighting and themes in these films and also contrast as well and try to find out why they might be similar or different. This is basically what i will be doing for project 2, i hope everyone understands where im going with this and hopefully some what interested, i can’t wait to present my findings.

So i have already started looking for some research on my topic so im going to include some of the links i found. One im going to use an article that explains lighting in film and why its so important. I’m also looking in to the gaffers and Director of photography on these films to possibly compare there lighting in these films to other ones they have done. Two of the films im using spark notes to look at themes and symbolism and then look at how that looked on screen. I have also found some articles on what certain lighting means in those films and for some why that kind of lighting was used. I’m hoping to learn in my research, is there a similarity in lighting in sci fi films and what that means and why they are similar. I’m also looking at it the same way with differences, but i think im also hoping to find more of meanings behind how certain scenes were lit and how that affected the overall tone.

here are the links i have started looking at

Proposal draft 1 4/26/15

Whats going on everybody sadly i missed class today, but luckily Surge’s notes have led me here to write my proposal for Project 2. I thought i knew what i wanted to to do my project number 2 on, but after my meeting with professor Belli this week i had some things to reconsider. After extensive thought i have decided to do my project 2 on lighting because i actually hope to work on a film set one day working with lighting . To be more specific im going to be researching lighting in certain science fiction films. I feel like lighting is such an important part of film and most people don’t realize how important it really is. Lighting is what sets the tone for a scene or most of the time the overall tone of the film.

with that being said let me explain some of the things im going to research and focus on with this project. I have chosen three science fiction movies i will look at and they are Star wars (Maybe just a New Hope, but i feel like its going to be the original trilogy), Alien (just the first one) and 2001 a space odyssey. I’m going to look at the overall tone of these films based on lighting and what that says about them and then compare them. Also im going to look at certain scenes from the films and look at the tone of those as well, but im also going to look at if the lighting based on a certain scenes symbolizes something or has a certain theme to it. I’m going to be looking for similar lighting and themes in these films and also contrast as well and try to find out why they might be similar or different. This is basically what i will be doing for project 2, i hope everyone understands where im going with this and hopefully some what interested, i can’t wait to present my findings.

They did it for science

Let me start by saying that these last four chapters really stood out to me, now that does not mean that I anatomically like the book, but that i just really enjoyed the story in these chapters. Maybe its because there was more talk about what is going on in the mental hospital and that it ma connect to the future with Luciente.

An overall theme i am seeing here is that there is a connection to science and the the doctors work at the hospital. In our last class Professor Belli asked us how do other people in the story look at Connie and i automatically thought of the doctors. I thought of how they look at Connie and the other patients as nothing more then a project or an experiment. ” We already have your brothers signature on the permission form.” Acker told her. “But we want your permission too. We want you to understand how we are going to help you.” (pg 209) This is where we first see the doctors are trying to get Connie to agree to the procedure that was done on Alice. I feel like this really shows how the doctors really feel that even if Connie said no they still had the OK to operate and that they were going to. “And a chance to get my brains scrambled like Alice”, ” In two months Alice will be home Connie, If you leave us you think you will be home inĀ  two months?”(pg 209) This back and forth with Connie and Acker made me feel that the doctors may actually know what they are doing and that they might be able to help Connie, but i still have that feeling of an experiment because this surgery is brand new and it is still being tested. “Motherf***ker, you let me up! I ain’t no guinea pig!” (pg 195)This shows how wrong this is because they are treating these sick patients like nothing more then lab rats.

“lots of talent in your field are working to retrain sexual inversion with electroshock keyed to slides and films” Redding was saying to Acker.Ā  ” but the recidivism rate isn’t promising. if we could cure inversion surgically, we’d open up a whole new area” (pg 258) While i was reading this i felt like this really showed the doctors true colors and that it really shows how they look at patients, they almost see them as a less then an a experiment but more like a disease or a sickness on our society and that they had to be cure in some way to be normal. It also felt like the doctors wanted to do this to be remembered as people who changed the world in some way or made it a better place for the future society’s. I feel like in some way they were playing god as they were taking what was wrong and redesigning it in a better image.Ā  Later on in the story we see what is happening to Skip and Connie says ” He moved differently: Clumsily. It was as if he had finally agreed to imitate the doctor’s course, clumsy masculinity for a time, but it was mastery with them and humility with him. He moved like a robot not expertly welded.” This description of Skip is a perfect example of how they tested on a lab rat and they are getting the results they wanted, however it also reminded me of people in the future for some reason and how they are are so perfect and on task its almost like this experiment was eventually mastered to make society in there definition of better. It also in my mind somewhat explains why scientist are so important in the future society.

We learn that Skip had been doing so good that they let him go home to his parents for a weekend to see how he did in real society. “Sunday morning early, Skip had slit his throat with an electric knife in the kitchen of his parents home.” When i read this i thought immediately about the doctors reaction to the news and that they would not feel anything but disappointment that one of there experiments had failed. Instead of feeling responsible for the death of a patient they would feel anger for not finding the cure for the problems of the society in the patients. That Skip was nothing more to them now then just a failed experiment.

These four chapters made me realize that a lot of this book is based on science. I guess it was harder to realize since the previous chapters did not interest me that much, but science is a very important overall theme is this book and it all connects with the doctors trying fix people all the way to 2137 where people are all united as one and scientist play a big role in society. So maybe just maybe Connie isn’t crazy and the future she visits really exists.




A woman on the edge of craziness

So Woman on the edge of time is still not there a 100 percent. I will say that the story is some what intriguing, but im still not sold on this story yet and i feel like that since im this deep in the story that might not change. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Also after reading Chris’s blog i just now realized that people in the people are like people from Connie’s past which does have a clarity to the story now and how I understand it.

Chapter 5 was pretty short compared to the rest of the chapters in this section. We see Connie in the new ward in G 2, she is sitting on a porch enjoying the weather and just thinking. That peaceful time brings luciente to her and she goes with him to his time again. We learn here that cats in this time can talk and Connie talks to one which is kind of bizarre if i says so myself. However the only other big thing that happened was that we met Bee. Bee is a very strong man who used to be in the army and had just returned. However when Connie met him she was immediately reminded of Claud her former lover who had died. He was the only man she truly loved. However seeing him brought on thoughts of her daughter Angelina and the emotional connection with luciente was disconnected and she ended up back on the porch inn tears. This is the first real time we see someone from Connie’s past in this time, which makes me think is this future really there or not.

The next chapter we see what it is like in the new ward G 2. Though it is not that bad there were certain things that bothered Connie like she felt as if they were treating her like a child in school. Also she felt like the drugs they were giving her were making her feel drowsy and weak. We also get a better understanding of the love Connie had with Claud, we learnĀ  how in love they were and how he went to jail and died. Still he was the love of her life. While drugged Connie finds her way to luciente again. She spends more time with her and Bee. Being with Bee made her love for Claud feel even stronger then ever. We also meet there child Innocente. We get a better understanding of this society when we learn that Innocente is getting ready to go and performĀ  the naming ceremony. This was explained that the child goes out to the woods and stays there for a couple of days fending for itself and surviving on its own. Then upon return they choose there name that they want. Connie was a little shocked to learn about this because she could not believe they were leaving a child out there by itself. Where if you think about it for a peaceful society that is kind of savage. Especially for the horrible things that could happen. We also learn that children here have three mothers and Connie says that is how she feels like she is three people in one. She looks at herself as Consuelo the Mexican servant woman, a woman who bears and endures pain and then there is Connie who had two years of college until Consuelo got pregnant and Connie had decent jobs and fought for welfare to support her daughter(Piercy 114). I find it really interesting how she looks at her self in that moment as three different women who seem to have three different objectives and even though they are part of the same person they are three different people all together. At the end of the chapter Connie gets disconnected from luciente all of a sudden and for a few moments ends up no where lost in time or maybe lost in her own mind.

This chapter with Connie being found by luciente and ends up back in his time. Connie is a little startled by being lost but is comforted by jackrabbit and she is shown around more and taught more about there society. However the biggest part of this chapter is the end where Connie sees a child who looks exactly like Angelina. This makes Connie very emotional because she had not seen her daughter for a couple of years since she had been taken away form her. This emotional outburst causes the connection with luciente to be broken and she starts to fade, but as she is leaving she is telling them that she wants her daughter to stay with them in that time because that is the perfect world to her, that is the world she imagined for her daughter. This is another reason that makes me believe that this world is all in her head because all of these people who she is seeing is becoming to much of a coincidence.

The next chapter we are in the present a lot. We learn that one of Connie’s friends Sybil has been getting some type of shock therapy. Connie is very shocked by this news. We getĀ  feel of G 2 a little more and they type of nurses that are working there. Some of them are nice but some a just really nasty. While sitting and waiting Connie fades out to luciente. When she arrives we learn that it was government day and luciente takes her to see how there government works. We learn it is a big meeting of different representatives and they all talk an discuss with the people of that area. We learn that they all discuss until a an agreement is made in the middle that satisfy s everyone. In the meeting they are talking about a bridge and what to do with it and how fix it. They mention that it has been around for 300 years which means it was around in Connie’s time as well and i was trying to think of which bridge it might have been. Towards the end of the chapter the disconnecting between Connie and luciente is different this time because Connie is woken up by one of the nurses. The nurse mentions that Connie looked like she had with drawled and that she was out of it. This adds to my reason that show that this could all possibly all be in her head.

This chapter starts with Connie finding out that she is being moved with a couple of other people who were also observed by the new doctor. We also hear about dolly since she left Connie in there. We learn that she left Geraldo and is with a new man who takes care of her and her daughter Nita. She tells Connie that she would come visit that weekend. This made me think t why did Dolly just leave Connie there especially since she left Geraldo. Connie also goes back to luciente and finds out he is having a party of some kind. We learn more about how this society is kind of united as one and how they all give back to each other. For example Sappho one of the elders dies and that’s her way of giving back. Connie has a moment with Dawn who looks like Angelina and Connie feels great to be with her in that moment. Connie also ends up having sex with Bee and she says that it made her feel free in those moments and she says how that word means so much, that freedom is the best thing someone could get. The chapter ends with her back at the asylum and Dolly never comes to visit.

This book is very interesting but im still struggling to find something that catches me and holds my attention. Other then that i also have to say that i believe to that none of this is real and that the future she is visiting is just in her head and its all part of her fantasy for a perfect world.

Is there really a Woman on the edge of time? maybe

Woman on the edge of time is an interesting novel to say the least, I don’t know how I feel about the novel yet and im not saying it is bad, but so far i have seen just bits and pieces of science fiction here and there. Which makes me think if the rest of the novel is just bits and pieces of science fiction is the novel itself really a science fiction book. We will talk more about this as we get closer to finishing the book.

The novel starts with us meeting Connie a 37 Spanish womanĀ  living in NYC in what seems toĀ  be the 1970’s. We meet her niece Dolly who comes rushing to Connie because Dolly’s lover/pimp Geraldo has beaten Dolly again and Connie was worried because Dolly is pregnant with Geraldo’s baby. One way I could tell that this is 1970’s NYC is how they talk about pimps and prostitutes because that is what NY was known for in the 70’s, it was a very dirty and dangerous place. While at Connie’s house Geraldo comes looking for Dolly because he believes that she is not carrying his baby. Geraldo brings his right hand man slick with him to help out and he also brings a butcher who is also supposed to be a doctor. Geraldo brings him to help get rid of the baby, which is described as really gruesome part of the novel. Connie tries to stop this so she smashes a wine bottle in Geraldo’s face breaking his nose and all this gets Connie is a beating from Geraldo and his helper Slick. They then driver her to Bellevue hospital and while going there is still getting beaten. Once at the hospital a story is made up that Connie attacked Geraldo and Dolly supported the story because she had no choice, this leads to them committing Connie to Rockover State which was a mental institution. She said this made her feel like garbage being brought to the dump to rot. This first chapter did not have any science fiction to it, but i loved the realism that is portrayed especially because it takes place in NYC, the way certain things that are mentioned i know of and it makes the story feel more real.

This chapter confused me a little because i know she is in the mental institution, but she talks about walking around outside and being home and going to to work. Anyway Connie talks about her work she did Mrs. Polcari in the welfare program. Connie talks about taking the subway and they way she describes it i feel like im really there with her because i know the places she is going to in the story, like she mentions going to delancy/Essex street which i know very well cause its on my route to school. Reading things like that are pretty cool to me cause it makes me feel like im right there with her in the story and i know where she is going and what she is doing. Things like this really bring the story to life. Connie talks about work she does for a professor at a CUNY college, which again makes the story come to life. However it is after her tiring day at work that we finally get some kind of science fiction in this book, she falls asleep from a long day of work and dreams ofĀ Luciente who is from the future, the year 2137 to be more exact. Connie is startled by Luciente at first cause she also meets him on the street as well. He tells her that she is special because she is a catcher, which i took as she was able to see and talk to him while not everyone could. She seemed like she could only see Luciente when she is either servilely tired or really high and he says maybe they can see each other when she is not stoned. As i said before this chapter really confused me.We also learn about Connie’s past with her family and what happened with her daughter Angelina. We learn that growing up there wasn’t a real standard for people in her family. We see Connie tell her mother that she wants to go to college and have a career, but her mother tells her that she couldn’t do that and that she was destined to be a mother working at home in the kitchen. Connie refuses this and goes to college for two years, but ends up getting knocked up at 19 ending her dreams of a career someday. We also learn that Connie had a problem with child abuse with her daughter Angelina and in the end she was taken away from Connie. This leaves Connie all alone and makes her feel like she is nothing and that her mother sadly was right about the woman in that family destined to not achieve greatness

The next chapter finds Connie back in the mental hospital and she describes what is happening while she is there. We learn that she is in a solitary cell and she is very drugged up. While being there isolated from everyone else she remembers losing Angelina to child welfare and that makes her feel even more lonely. She tries to get lost in her mind so she does not feel this lonely and depressed and tries to find Luciente. Luckily he does come to her and this makes her feel not alone in this world. They talk about her life and about Luciente and his home. He tells her that if she is feeling uncomfortable here and he says they can travel to his time if she wants and she agrees too. Though she does not go there physically she goes there mentally, but it feel like she is really there. Upon approaching in 2137 she learns that Luciente is actually a woman. Which makes me think what was she seeing when Luciente approached her the last couple of times, was Luciente disguised in some way, did she just really look like a man or did she only see like a figure or an outline of a person? While in 2137 Connie is introduced to a couple of Luciente’s friends and she is also introduced to this new world. We learn that there was nuclear war that made the world basically start from the beginning again. There were farms and villages like there were in the 1200s-1500s. Which is interesting because in this futuristic time technology of the past led to us having to restart and make a better world to learn from our mistakes. Connie seems to take a liking to this place because she does not like the world is in 1970’s NY, She likes how this world is so peaceful and everyone is together. We also learn that her coming tot he future does not affect the past, but if Luciente were to come to the past fully it could affect the future. After her day in 2137 Connie is sent back to her body and wakes up in the solitary cell as if she never left.

Back in the mental hospital Connie reconnects with an old friend named Sybil who believes she is a witch and she can do spells with herbs and things. The seasons change from winter to spring showing how long Connie has been in there, while this happens a new doctor arrives at he hospital and observes certain people. Later theses people are called to do an interview/experiment. Connie being one of these people is called in and asked a bunch of questions about how she feels and if she gets headaches and other things that hurt. In the end those people who were called were being moved to the the ward G2. This section is a little more open and Connie talks about there actually being men in this part of the hospital. Connie thinks that is good she got moved down because she feels like it is closer to her getting out.

So far this novel has been interesting and some what intriguing, but i don’t like that there is notĀ  a lot of science fiction in it yet. However i do like how real the story feels to me and how i feel like i could imagine being there with her, also i like the idea of the future being a place that does not have a lot of technology and it is a place where we as a society are starting over and learning from the mistakes of the past. Maybe Connie will help them with that more. We will have to wait and see.

Will there really be soft rains?

This week we had to read August 2026: There will come soft rain and then watch the 10 min video that was based on the story. I thought this story was pretty good overall, it defiantly had that science fiction feel to it. I had to read the story twice because i didn’t realize that the story was so dark until i watched the video and then reread the story. I thought it was kind of funny at first, but then i realized that it was pretty dark.

The story is about a house that is run by a machine that does daily tasks like wake the people up, prepare breakfast and clean the house etc…. The story takes place after a bomb has dropped and everyone in the home has died and turned to ash, but the machine continues toĀ  do its daily routine. For example one of the things it says is ” Eight-one, tick tock, eight-one o’clock, off to school, off to work, run , run, eight-one”.(pg1)Ā  Another one is ” Nine fifteen, sang the clock time to clean”. (pg 1)Ā  These are what made me feel like it was kind of nice, but then got the feel that it sounded like an evil dark Dr. Seuss. It also talks about what was left of the people after the bomb. He said ” The five spots of paint- the man, the woman, the children, the ball- remained. the rest was a thin char coaled layer.” (pg 1)Ā  This is describing the imprints of the peoples body that was left after the bomb. The Story continues with a dog that survived but is very beaten up comes in the house and walks around and eventually dies. The machine continues to its daily routine throughout the story to where it reads a poem every night before bedĀ  to the lady of the house Mrs. McClellan. Since she is ash and can’t respond the machine still doesn’t realize everyone is dead and puts it on random choosing the poem There will come soft rains. I like when things that stories are based on like the title are involved in someway so i thought that poem was nice to choose especially with the kind of state the world is in, which is basically ruins. Towards the end of the story a tree goes through the kitchen window and lands on the stove starting a fire that sets the house a blaze. There is a part were Ray Bradbury describes the fire he says “The fire crackled up the stairs. It fed upon Picasso and Matisse in the upper halls, like delicacies, baking off the the oily flesh, tenderly crisping the canvases into black shavings. Now the fire lay in beds, stood in windows, changed the colors of drapes.” (pg 3) I like how he describes the fire as almost a person sent on a mission to tear this house down. It made me feel like the fire was its own character. The fire eventually lead to an explosion that blew up the house leaving it like the rest of the world in ruins. The last sentence of the story is of the machine still doing its daily routine before it finally dies it says ” Today is August 5th, 2026, today is August 5, 2026, today is….” This shows that everything in this world will eventually die out weather it be animal, human or machine.

The video of There will come soft rains was pretty accurate to the story. However i felt the video was darker then the story really was, but it defiantly gave a really good visual interpretation of the story. In conclusion i think the story was a good read and it had a lot of different themes in it. Overall though tone was very dark and depressing.

This is a picture i found of the beginning of the story where the machine is making breakfast. This is what i thought the story and would look like bright and happy, but sill being as dark story.

Do androids dream of Blade Runners?

Hello everyone this past weekend i finally saw Blade Runner. This has been one of those movies i’ve been wanting to see for a long time now, but never had a reason to watch. After watching the film i have decided that i think the book is much better then the film. If i would have seen the film before the book i might have looked at it in a whole different way. while watching i wrote down somethings that i liked and things i didn’t liked while comparing it to the novel, so here we go.

We will start with the things i didn’t like first. I did not like that Rick’s wife was not involved in the film, he actually divorced her so she was not seen or mentioned that much. This took away from the whole story presented in the book like rick fighting with her about there emotions or the support she shows him at the end. This also leads to another problem there is no empathy box which was so important to the story and between Rick and Iran. No empathy box also meant to Mercer either and there was also no buster friendly which is what the novel was ultimately built on. Another missing piece connected to this was no mood organ, taking this out changes the whole story because this story is supposed to be about feelings and the mood organ producing fake feelings was a big part.

I did not like how Rick was technically an ex blade runner, it made it seem like he was doing all of this because he had to opposed to it being his job were he kind of wants to do it. I hated how the first two replicants were killed with in min of each other. I felt it was to quick, for me to realize what happened and it made those two replicants mean nothing in my mind. Speaking of replicants Roy Baty did not have a wife in the film and instead he was in live with Pris. This made the story feel weird because i didn’t like the chemistry between Roy and Pris and that took away from Pris and Sebastian. The missing of Phil Resch also took away from not just the story but the character development of Rick. Also making Pris here own character and not a copy of Rachel seemed wrong and useless again making her mean nothing to the story. The last thing that bothered me was the lack of attention on animals, even though they were shown and mentioned they were not as big as they are supposed to be like in the book. some might say the whole book is based off of the animals in some ways.

Now to the things i liked, First thing is the setting. I thought the setting was almost perfectly visually to what i imagined from the book. I thought it would look almost like Total Recall and it did, the only problem to many people outside. I kind of like the love between Rick and Rachel because it showed the emotion they had for one another, however i don’t like the story was kind of built off of that making the story a love story and about the characters while the book was about everything going on behind the characters. I liked that Sebastian worked for the Tyrell corporation this way he did have some connection with Roy and Pris, he even says that some of himself lives inside them. OK a big difference from the book was The replicants in the film actually had emotions, i honestly believe they had more emotion then any other characters. It was truly interesting to see them like that, which leads to rick being the most emotionless character of the entire story, i think he might have been worse then the androids in the novel. I think the fight scene between Roy and Rick was absolutely great, it was interesting, funny and violent. I think that is the fight scene everyone was expecting while reading the book. The last thing that got me was when Roy saves Ricks life and shows empathy for him, this in my mind was great almost showing that the replicants were better then the humans in that society at that moment. The quote he gives i think is great he says “I’veā€¦ seen things you people wouldn’t believeā€¦ Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the TannhauserĀ  Gate. All thoseā€¦ momentsā€¦ will be lost in time, like [small cough] tearsā€¦ inā€¦ rain. Timeā€¦ to dieā€¦” I feel like him telling rick this shows that replicants understand the world and the people in it almost if not better then the humans and that even though he will die some part of him will live on.

Blade Runner was an OK film even though it was not better then the novel it had certain things that made the film good. I defiantly would recommend this film to any sci fi fan, but i would tell them they have to read the book too. Also i thought it would be cool to show everyone this, After watching the film i was on website I’m a lot called IGN. This website shows movie and TV reviews and things about gaming etc….. After i watched the film there was an article about Blade Runner 2 finding a director and that it is going to happen with Harrison Ford returning as Rick Deckard. Here is the link if you guys wanna check it out.Ā

So thats how it ends?

Upon finishing the book I was not to thrilled with the ending, but we will get to that later. Chapter sixteen starts with Rick waiting in a hotel room for Rachel Rosen. One line he says on pg 184 is “Do androids dream?” I love how the author includes little things like this that connect to the title and the whole point of the book. I hope the film has this scene with Harrison Ford asking the question to connect it with the book. Back the story Rachel shows up with bourbon and ends up getting drunk, she talks about how Pris Stratton is the same model as she is. After talking about it she convinces Rick to go to bed with her, but he says he can’t because he will retire Pris later on and she looks just like her. Rachel says she will retire Pris and the two go to bed together.

In the next chapter Rick and Rachel leave together and he tells her that if it was legal he would marry her. I find this very odd because he is a bounty hunter and even though he has been going through weird feelings as of late, he is still a bounty hunter and he has a wife at home waiting for him to come home. However it is good though that he is actually having feelings going through him and his mind instead of just controlled ones. Rachel tells Rick that he won’t be able to hunt androids anymore because no bounty hunter can sleep with her and then hunt again. except for Phil Resch. This shows that Phil Resch was connected to all of this from the beginning and it makes you think how many bounty hunters has she actually slept with. Rick feels threatened upon this new information and accuses Rachel of knowing the other androids, she kind of just shrug’s him off and tells him to pay attention to the Buster Friendly show tonight because it is going to be interesting.

The next chapter begins with us back with John Isidore and the wanted androids. The are all gathering around the TV to watch Buster Friendly’s announcement, however while the androids gather around to watch John finds something incredible. John actually finds a spider which are supposed to be extinct. Amazed by this he shows Pris and she asks why does a spider need all those legs? and John says they just do. Not believing this Pris begins to cut the legs off of the spider. While in the background Buster Friendly announces that Wilbur Mercer is a fraud, That he is an actor that uses a sound stage to get people to believe his acts. Meanwhile Pris cuts off half of the legs of the spider and it attempt to crawl away proving Pris right. In this moment John just loses it all at once he takes the spider and drowns it to end its misery, The androids can’t decide if he is upset about Mercer or the spider. The androids then realize that the empathy box are fake and kind of decide that it is something they can’t chase after anymore. I feel like in that moment humans were almost just like androids because this thing they thought was helping them feel empathy was fake, so this whole time they were feeling nothing. In that moment humans were just as empty as androids. Back to Isidore he begins to freak out so much he actually hallucinates the world around him falling apart, he then sees the the spider he drown walking across the floor with all of his legs and John believes that Mercer is near. John sees Mercer and he asks him if the story is true in which he admits it is true, but then an alarm goes off waking John up from this hallucination, Rick had arrived to retire the androids.

The next chapter begins and John is sent in to the hall to meet the bounty hunter, on his way in the hall John releases the spider to go outside, Rick finds him and asks why he is letting it go and Isidore responds with “I have to other wise the androids will hurt it”. This basically gave up the androids without John trying to give them up. Rick is warned by mercer that there is an android on the steps. Rick is then thrown off because it looks like Rachel, but he looks past is after she lunges after him and he retires her. Rick then heads to the apartment where the Batys are waiting for him, He knocks on the door pretending to be John, but the android knows better and shoots at him. Roy Baty misses him and Rick then shoots Irmgard Baty retiring her and he does the same to Roy. He then leaves telling John not to go back there, but he had already seen the body of Pris.

The next chapter starts with Rick telling Bryant that he finished retiring the rest of the androids. On his way out John tells Rick that he is going to move in closer to the city so he is closer to more people, Rick offers him an apartment in his building and John refuses saying he does not wanna live the close to him. I feel like John refuses ricks offer because he looks at Rick as a monster who has no empathy or feelings at all making him just as bad as the androids. Rick heads home and he is told by his wife that someone has killed the goat. It turns out the description Iran gave him was perfect for Rachel. This makes me think immediately to the quote “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn”. I think this right away because maybe Rachel was jealous that after everything he was going home to Iran or maybe she wanted to threaten him back like how he threatened her.

In the next chapter Rick goes out I guess to vent after learning his goat was killed. While in his car he tries to call Dave Holden in the hospital, but despite all of his efforts the doctor tells him that he can’t talk to him. Rick then stops at a hillside and starts walking up it feeling defeated because maybe he finally learned how to really feel something that is not produced by some machine. While on the hill he begins getting hit by rocks really hard, he then thinks he sees Mercer but is mistaken by his shadow. After that whole fiasco he heads back to his hover car and tires to call Bryant. He can only get in touch with Bryant’s Secretary who tells him that Bryant went to the Chief to recommend him for a citation for retiring six androids. She also tells him that he is not looking all that well and that he kind of looks like Mercer. Rick says I’m Wilbur Mercer; I have permanently fused with him and i can’t unfuse with him. I can’t tell if he actually fused with Mercer in some weird way or if just finally cracked. After the call he notices something outside the car that gets his hopes up.

In the last chapter Rick finds a toad which are supposed to be extinct. He takes it and gets int the car to bring it home. When he gets home he shows Iran and as she plays around with it finds a control panel and it turns out that it was electrical. Rick shows signs of disappointment, but after everything he had been through says ” The electrical things have lives too”. This shows that after everything he learned how to accept even androids as people too, changing his outlook on life. However Iran convinces him to go to sleep and use the mod organ to help him feel better. I hate how everything he had finally felt real feelings and he just went back to the mood organ and the fake feelings. The story ends with Iran calling a repair shop for the the frog to be repaired for Rick and she the drinks her coffee. I won’t lie I’m not a real fan of the ending, i feel like it was very anti-climatic and it that it just ended in reverse to how it started with Rick feeling depressed now and Iran feeling happy. I thought it was gonna end where Rick and everyone else where the androids and that the Nexus six were actually the humans. However that did not happen hopefully Blade Runner has a good visual of this and maybe a better ending.