The Mind is a Powerful tool

Wow so this is it our last blog, I can’t believe how quick this semester has moved, i remember like it was yesterday doing our very first blog. Now to the book, I can honestly say that the second half of the book was defiantly more enjoyable then the first half. I also enjoyed the ending because it just brought everything together and her report gave me some clarity with it.

When Connie first went to the Future New York i was a little lost, but when she started talking to Glidina I realized what was going on. “Time Traveling, Connie Smiled with Sophistication. it was almost fun. She imagined Luciente must have felt laying down the unbelievable truth to naive ears. Now she was the visitor from elsewhere.”(pg 283) This was an interesting to me because first of all she is comparing herself to Luciente and after reading the book i can look back and say that Luciente honestly could have been the futuristic version of Connie or just another personality she created that she wanted to strive to be. The other thing is how she has accepted time traveling as something she found to be fun compared to something she felt she had to do. After Connie decided to leave this version of a futuristic New York she says ” So that was the other world that might come to be. That was Luciente’s war and she was enlisted in it.”(pg 295) This just added to my belief that this world was in her head because she didn’t have a problem visiting Luciente until that thing was put in her head. I also found it interesting that we finally found out this war that people had been fighting was actually a war against time and its possible outcomes.

Now that Connie believed she was at war she did everything in her power to win and help Luciente’s time line. “It’s war Sybil … if i could get out and furlough, I know i could run for it. The city’s so close here. Once off this ward, we’d have it made! People come in and out of this building all day, outpatients, volunteers, if only i could make it to the elevators.” (pg 336) Since i Believe this whole future and time traveling was in her head this is where i would say Connie finally cracked. She has not only brought this in to the real world, but she honestly thinks she is at war and she is incorporating the help of other people who are not part of this, just because she thinks she can help Luciente from her time line. However i feel like since Luciente is just another personality of Connie she was strongly on trying to help herself. In the last chapter of the novel we see People leaving the Hospital, Connie and Sybil still try to plan there escape. ” I’m ready to try Consuelo. I cannot permit them to operate on me if i have anyway to stop them. it’s kind of death.” ( pg 360) The first thing i found really interesting about this was the name was chosen to use for Connie, they used Consuelo instead of Connie. I feel like this was used because Consuelo was the personality that went through so much and still some how fought through it, in other words Consuelo was a survivor or maybe even a fighter. The other thing that got me was how she talked about death and it being the same thing or even better in her mind then getting another surgery, i guess losing who you really are is like dying because you are being forced to be something you are not. The book ends on a hectic note, with everything happening with Connie and her helping Sybil and she still felt like this was a win for her and she got a victory in this war she had been fighting for a long time. However it was not really a war of time, but more of a war in Connie between her different personality’s and who she strived to be. It was a war of the mind of a woman who was a survivor and doing whatever she had to do to succeed was what she did.

This novel overall was literally split down the middle with me, but it defiantly brought science fiction and reality together in the struggle of a woman who was struggling to be the best she can be. This is why my title is the mind is a powerful tool because is can create stories, other people and worlds and we are the ones who are in control of them and its our job to draw the line between reality and whats our imagination.


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