Do androids dream of Blade Runners?

Hello everyone this past weekend i finally saw Blade Runner. This has been one of those movies i’ve been wanting to see for a long time now, but never had a reason to watch. After watching the film i have decided that i think the book is much better then the film. If i would have seen the film before the book i might have looked at it in a whole different way. while watching i wrote down somethings that i liked and things i didn’t liked while comparing it to the novel, so here we go.

We will start with the things i didn’t like first. I did not like that Rick’s wife was not involved in the film, he actually divorced her so she was not seen or mentioned that much. This took away from the whole story presented in the book like rick fighting with her about there emotions or the support she shows him at the end. This also leads to another problem there is no empathy box which was so important to the story and between Rick and Iran. No empathy box also meant to Mercer either and there was also no buster friendly which is what the novel was ultimately built on. Another missing piece connected to this was no mood organ, taking this out changes the whole story because this story is supposed to be about feelings and the mood organ producing fake feelings was a big part.

I did not like how Rick was technically an ex blade runner, it made it seem like he was doing all of this because he had to opposed to it being his job were he kind of wants to do it. I hated how the first two replicants were killed with in min of each other. I felt it was to quick, for me to realize what happened and it made those two replicants mean nothing in my mind. Speaking of replicants Roy Baty did not have a wife in the film and instead he was in live with Pris. This made the story feel weird because i didn’t like the chemistry between Roy and Pris and that took away from Pris and Sebastian. The missing of Phil Resch also took away from not just the story but the character development of Rick. Also making Pris here own character and not a copy of Rachel seemed wrong and useless again making her mean nothing to the story. The last thing that bothered me was the lack of attention on animals, even though they were shown and mentioned they were not as big as they are supposed to be like in the book. some might say the whole book is based off of the animals in some ways.

Now to the things i liked, First thing is the setting. I thought the setting was almost perfectly visually to what i imagined from the book. I thought it would look almost like Total Recall and it did, the only problem to many people outside. I kind of like the love between Rick and Rachel because it showed the emotion they had for one another, however i don’t like the story was kind of built off of that making the story a love story and about the characters while the book was about everything going on behind the characters. I liked that Sebastian worked for the Tyrell corporation this way he did have some connection with Roy and Pris, he even says that some of himself lives inside them. OK a big difference from the book was The replicants in the film actually had emotions, i honestly believe they had more emotion then any other characters. It was truly interesting to see them like that, which leads to rick being the most emotionless character of the entire story, i think he might have been worse then the androids in the novel. I think the fight scene between Roy and Rick was absolutely great, it was interesting, funny and violent. I think that is the fight scene everyone was expecting while reading the book. The last thing that got me was when Roy saves Ricks life and shows empathy for him, this in my mind was great almost showing that the replicants were better then the humans in that society at that moment. The quote he gives i think is great he says “I’veā€¦ seen things you people wouldn’t believeā€¦ Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the TannhauserĀ  Gate. All thoseā€¦ momentsā€¦ will be lost in time, like [small cough] tearsā€¦ inā€¦ rain. Timeā€¦ to dieā€¦” I feel like him telling rick this shows that replicants understand the world and the people in it almost if not better then the humans and that even though he will die some part of him will live on.

Blade Runner was an OK film even though it was not better then the novel it had certain things that made the film good. I defiantly would recommend this film to any sci fi fan, but i would tell them they have to read the book too. Also i thought it would be cool to show everyone this, After watching the film i was on website I’m a lot called IGN. This website shows movie and TV reviews and things about gaming etc….. After i watched the film there was an article about Blade Runner 2 finding a director and that it is going to happen with Harrison Ford returning as Rick Deckard. Here is the link if you guys wanna check it out.Ā

3 thoughts on “Do androids dream of Blade Runners?

  1. I agree that the way Roy saves Ricks life really shows how the replicants can be better than the humans. My problem is that there is no sign of it throughout the film. All of a sudden this andy has empathy. There was an emphasis on how cold Roy was before that scene, it just didn’t fit with how they had developed him. I also feel like the only andy that shows emotion in the film is Rachael. Other than her the andys tend to show less emotion, in my opinion. Music is something very human, and the character Luft was replaced with a stripper. That change just felt like a way of reducing the amount of emtion andys express compared to the book.

  2. Even though the replicants did some horrible things in the film I feel like they still showed the most emotion whether it be empathy or hate, they showed more emotion than Rick through out the entire film in my opinion

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