Proposal draft 1 4/26/15

Whats going on everybody sadly i missed class today, but luckily Surge’s notes have led me here to write my proposal for Project 2. I thought i knew what i wanted to to do my project number 2 on, but after my meeting with professor Belli this week i had some things to reconsider. After extensive thought i have decided to do my project 2 on lighting because i actually hope to work on a film set one day working with lighting . To be more specific im going to be researching lighting in certain science fiction films. I feel like lighting is such an important part of film and most people don’t realize how important it really is. Lighting is what sets the tone for a scene or most of the time the overall tone of the film.

with that being said let me explain some of the things im going to research and focus on with this project. I have chosen three science fiction movies i will look at and they are Star wars (Maybe just a New Hope, but i feel like its going to be the original trilogy), Alien (just the first one) and 2001 a space odyssey. I’m going to look at the overall tone of these films based on lighting and what that says about them and then compare them. Also im going to look at certain scenes from the films and look at the tone of those as well, but im also going to look at if the lighting based on a certain scenes symbolizes something or has a certain theme to it. I’m going to be looking for similar lighting and themes in these films and also contrast as well and try to find out why they might be similar or different. This is basically what i will be doing for project 2, i hope everyone understands where im going with this and hopefully some what interested, i can’t wait to present my findings.

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  1. Jonathan, I’m glad that you’re going to pursue a project exploring “lighting” in SF, and that you will relate your work here to your major. You’re off to a good start here, but you need to focus it a bit more, especially in relation to research.

    You have proposed looking at a number of films (these are “primary texts” here), but you need to bring in outside research (“secondary sources”) too. What sources have you consulted / do you plan to use (perhaps articles / books about lighting in SF)?

  2. I am looking at more of articles, rather then books. I’ve already started looking and I’ve found a couple of credible articles. I’m using both articles about lighting and sybolism in those films too to see how they connect visually.

    • Sounds good. If you already found some, perhaps you link to them here, and then revise your proposal to be more focused (informed by what you are learning in your research)?

      So we can keep track of the different versions, why don’t you keep the original proposal as is, and put a little header that says [Draft #1, date] and then put the revised proposal above it, with a header that says [Draft #2, date].

      This way we can look at each version separately, but have them all in the same post.

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