A woman on the edge of craziness

So Woman on the edge of time is still not there a 100 percent. I will say that the story is some what intriguing, but im still not sold on this story yet and i feel like that since im this deep in the story that might not change. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Also after reading Chris’s blog i just now realized that people in the people are like people from Connie’s past which does have a clarity to the story now and how I understand it.

Chapter 5 was pretty short compared to the rest of the chapters in this section. We see Connie in the new ward in G 2, she is sitting on a porch enjoying the weather and just thinking. That peaceful time brings luciente to her and she goes with him to his time again. We learn here that cats in this time can talk and Connie talks to one which is kind of bizarre if i says so myself. However the only other big thing that happened was that we met Bee. Bee is a very strong man who used to be in the army and had just returned. However when Connie met him she was immediately reminded of Claud her former lover who had died. He was the only man she truly loved. However seeing him brought on thoughts of her daughter Angelina and the emotional connection with luciente was disconnected and she ended up back on the porch inn tears. This is the first real time we see someone from Connie’s past in this time, which makes me think is this future really there or not.

The next chapter we see what it is like in the new ward G 2. Though it is not that bad there were certain things that bothered Connie like she felt as if they were treating her like a child in school. Also she felt like the drugs they were giving her were making her feel drowsy and weak. We also get a better understanding of the love Connie had with Claud, we learn  how in love they were and how he went to jail and died. Still he was the love of her life. While drugged Connie finds her way to luciente again. She spends more time with her and Bee. Being with Bee made her love for Claud feel even stronger then ever. We also meet there child Innocente. We get a better understanding of this society when we learn that Innocente is getting ready to go and perform  the naming ceremony. This was explained that the child goes out to the woods and stays there for a couple of days fending for itself and surviving on its own. Then upon return they choose there name that they want. Connie was a little shocked to learn about this because she could not believe they were leaving a child out there by itself. Where if you think about it for a peaceful society that is kind of savage. Especially for the horrible things that could happen. We also learn that children here have three mothers and Connie says that is how she feels like she is three people in one. She looks at herself as Consuelo the Mexican servant woman, a woman who bears and endures pain and then there is Connie who had two years of college until Consuelo got pregnant and Connie had decent jobs and fought for welfare to support her daughter(Piercy 114). I find it really interesting how she looks at her self in that moment as three different women who seem to have three different objectives and even though they are part of the same person they are three different people all together. At the end of the chapter Connie gets disconnected from luciente all of a sudden and for a few moments ends up no where lost in time or maybe lost in her own mind.

This chapter with Connie being found by luciente and ends up back in his time. Connie is a little startled by being lost but is comforted by jackrabbit and she is shown around more and taught more about there society. However the biggest part of this chapter is the end where Connie sees a child who looks exactly like Angelina. This makes Connie very emotional because she had not seen her daughter for a couple of years since she had been taken away form her. This emotional outburst causes the connection with luciente to be broken and she starts to fade, but as she is leaving she is telling them that she wants her daughter to stay with them in that time because that is the perfect world to her, that is the world she imagined for her daughter. This is another reason that makes me believe that this world is all in her head because all of these people who she is seeing is becoming to much of a coincidence.

The next chapter we are in the present a lot. We learn that one of Connie’s friends Sybil has been getting some type of shock therapy. Connie is very shocked by this news. We get  feel of G 2 a little more and they type of nurses that are working there. Some of them are nice but some a just really nasty. While sitting and waiting Connie fades out to luciente. When she arrives we learn that it was government day and luciente takes her to see how there government works. We learn it is a big meeting of different representatives and they all talk an discuss with the people of that area. We learn that they all discuss until a an agreement is made in the middle that satisfy s everyone. In the meeting they are talking about a bridge and what to do with it and how fix it. They mention that it has been around for 300 years which means it was around in Connie’s time as well and i was trying to think of which bridge it might have been. Towards the end of the chapter the disconnecting between Connie and luciente is different this time because Connie is woken up by one of the nurses. The nurse mentions that Connie looked like she had with drawled and that she was out of it. This adds to my reason that show that this could all possibly all be in her head.

This chapter starts with Connie finding out that she is being moved with a couple of other people who were also observed by the new doctor. We also hear about dolly since she left Connie in there. We learn that she left Geraldo and is with a new man who takes care of her and her daughter Nita. She tells Connie that she would come visit that weekend. This made me think t why did Dolly just leave Connie there especially since she left Geraldo. Connie also goes back to luciente and finds out he is having a party of some kind. We learn more about how this society is kind of united as one and how they all give back to each other. For example Sappho one of the elders dies and that’s her way of giving back. Connie has a moment with Dawn who looks like Angelina and Connie feels great to be with her in that moment. Connie also ends up having sex with Bee and she says that it made her feel free in those moments and she says how that word means so much, that freedom is the best thing someone could get. The chapter ends with her back at the asylum and Dolly never comes to visit.

This book is very interesting but im still struggling to find something that catches me and holds my attention. Other then that i also have to say that i believe to that none of this is real and that the future she is visiting is just in her head and its all part of her fantasy for a perfect world.

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  1. You know, the way you worded that last sentence made me think. I agree that the future is Connie’s fantasy and purely made up. Your wording, however, has made me think of how the book is feminist writing, yet the protagonist is committing a female stereotype. Women are usually seen as weak; therefore, in society and media they are often the ones that naively attempt perfection, while men are often seen as realistic. Why would Piercy write the character in such a way? Is it intentional; will we see Connie break free from this line of thinking? I think Piercy is just a terrible writer that doesn’t know how to write a great female character, yet women flock to her and see her as a hero, kinda like the creator of Orange is the New Black.

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