Class Notes 11/10/15

Cohen & Kenny

Online Brand-

Important of using your real name

Open honest/ authentic presence-voice

Maintaining control of your brand

anonymously brand:resonate

Professional– “public you” or ” professionalism”

Professional profile, voice professional , recreational

Branding (slogan)

representation, business, celebrities, characteristics, devil, capitalism

Free-write (5 minutes)

Your online brand is “focused”

Take a  look at your ePortfolio and update your site/ your homepage of the website for professional things

JILL want you to update your ePortfolio for next Tuesday

About page, images etc. . .

Check Dashboard etc.



Next steps for the project

Revise your proposal and find new reaserch

Develop your research question

Respond to the targeted feedback


What new media composing, live tweeting, blog, etc.

Present 3 new media composing experiment

5 sources

Clarify the projecttttttttttttttt!