ePortfolio #FAIL

The idea of having the opportunity to design my e-portfolio to my specifications was exciting. I knew what I was going for and I couldn’t wait to get started. I knew I wanted to start with a color scheme that was both simplistic and minimal but because of the themes,  I was limited to what I could do.

However, the work I had to put in, in order to make my vision come to life was beyond frustrating. Nothing was working for me at all and I felt myself going in circles with trying to put my page together. I thought my e-portfolio would be the best way to brand myself rather than having to resort to a social networking site but I struggled continuously. I definitely need help because I’ve realized I can’t do it alone. Hopefully,  with time and with much needed help, I can get my e-portfolio to where I want it to be and it can be something I am proud of.

Because I don’t participate in many social networking sites, I want to successfully display my e-portfolio that will be beneficial towards my future and maybe even my career goals. Moving forward,  I plan on doing this by:

  • Picking a theme that works for me; a theme that will allow me to structure my work in a way that is easy for viewers to navigate.
  • Using (good) images; I am not a photographer whatsoever but people associate a good photo which helps draw viewers attentiontherfore,  it would hurt to include some visuals in my e-portfolio.
  • Filling my e-portfolio with my best content/work
  • Keeping it up to date
  • Connecting via social media platforms


1 thought on “ePortfolio #FAIL

  1. Fola, I hear you that trying to customize your ePortfolio can be a daunting task: that’s why we’re approaching it in phases. Over the past week, we’ve worked on it, and there are a number of resources available to you (the robust Help section on the OpenLab, the OpenLab’s workshops / office hours / email support, the ePortfolio lab, my office hours). If you need help, you should definitely seek it (the same way you would go seek research help from a professor &/or librarian for a research paper).

    I like your lists of how things you would like your ePortfolio to do, and your plan for going forward. That’s a good place to start. If you’re interested in images, perhaps play around with the media options (such as galleries)? If you’d like to integrate social media, how about exploring plugins such as WP Twitter and Share This?

    Please revise this post according to specific exploration / experimentation with themes, plugins, organization (widgets, menus, etc.) and content (the “about me” section), as you will be presenting on this in class tomorrow, taking us through your ePortfolio and discussing your work-in-progress.

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