Aim for the next week: Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii.

Agenda for the next week:

Discuss in depth all of the project details :

Making our ideas come to life through.

For that we are going to determine a more detailed layout of the game and its design.

For now size of the board-game is determined to be 12 by 8 in and about 3 in depth.

Before the next class we have to do:

Prepare materials: cardboard or clear plastic(we will have to research about this), resistors, LED lights, wires, battery, breadboard.

Get breadboards, which is the main core of the game, and determine how many of them we need to use


All of the design aspects, size and material use will be tested in the next week, and adjusted in accordance to our discussions and progress.

We are going to figure out the rules for the game, as well as the very first draft manual of how to put the game together, in case people wish to make it themselves. We will discuss how to make the manual clear and accessible for adults and for kids.

Afterwards, during our next meeting, we will do the actual game itself, try to assemble it with prepared materials and manuals.