Group 5: Lian, Chris,Deniel, Derrick- Next Steps

Group 5: Lian, Chris, Deniel, Derrick

We immediately broke into discussion about Lian’s communications with the person whose email was prominent on the computer club website.
We expected more assistance from this particular individual but they have hindered our progress and affected group morale. Considering it has been a hassle trying to communicate with this particular individual, we are brainstorming possible alternatives. We have a very urgent need for information and we have to find a new source as soon as as possible.

We then discussed some of our more work load heavy deliverables. In particular, our memo’s and survey’s. We will be meeting on Friday to start making the memo and survey more tangible. Preferably, we expect to be done by next week Friday. We also started to discuss possible points to administer the survey’s and the possible amount of surveys to administer.

Questions for Professor Belli:
1: In your opinion, what would be the best place to administer the surveys?
2: What do you think of our deliverables?