Group Discussion—-Tony, Samson, Goutam

For discussion today, our group have decided to make Tony the project manager and Samson the minute take for this week; the minute report is going to be rotated among group. we also decided to make a survey form for students to fill out, the survey form is going to include short answers and check boxes.

we plan to meet on Friday night at 8pm to discuss our project through Skype. for the division of labor, Tony will be working on prototype after we got feedback from students. Samson and Goutam will be creating a survey for next week.

Group 5: Lian, Chris,Deniel, Derrick- Next Steps

Group 5: Lian, Chris, Deniel, Derrick

We immediately broke into discussion about Lian’s communications with the person whose email was prominent on the computer club website.
We expected more assistance from this particular individual but they have hindered our progress and affected group morale. Considering it has been a hassle trying to communicate with this particular individual, we are brainstorming possible alternatives. We have a very urgent need for information and we have to find a new source as soon as as possible.

We then discussed some of our more work load heavy deliverables. In particular, our memo’s and survey’s. We will be meeting on Friday to start making the memo and survey more tangible. Preferably, we expect to be done by next week Friday. We also started to discuss possible points to administer the survey’s and the possible amount of surveys to administer.

Questions for Professor Belli:
1: In your opinion, what would be the best place to administer the surveys?
2: What do you think of our deliverables?

Aim for the next week: Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii.

Agenda for the next week:

Discuss in depth all of the project details :

Making our ideas come to life through.

For that we are going to determine a more detailed layout of the game and its design.

For now size of the board-game is determined to be 12 by 8 in and about 3 in depth.

Before the next class we have to do:

Prepare materials: cardboard or clear plastic(we will have to research about this), resistors, LED lights, wires, battery, breadboard.

Get breadboards, which is the main core of the game, and determine how many of them we need to use


All of the design aspects, size and material use will be tested in the next week, and adjusted in accordance to our discussions and progress.

We are going to figure out the rules for the game, as well as the very first draft manual of how to put the game together, in case people wish to make it themselves. We will discuss how to make the manual clear and accessible for adults and for kids.

Afterwards, during our next meeting, we will do the actual game itself, try to assemble it with prepared materials and manuals.

Jason, Ray, Vincent, Next Step

Our group discussed our progress so far, and we discussed the type of research which we’re going to be doing.  The next step of our project is to finalize our game: we are currently working on the third level, and we should finish the fourth level in about two weeks which is also when we’ll begin making the user’s manual.

Today we’re going to try to schedule a face to face meeting, so that we can all demo the game in its current state.  We also have to schedule someone to take minutes during the next meeting, and before the meeting we will make an agenda together.  We’ll take turns taking minutes for every meeting.  We’ll also have another synchronous online meeting between today and next week, which will mostly be devoted to gathering more sources on the topics we’re already invested in, and perhaps new ones as well (we’ll discuss it in our next meeting).  For next week’s class session we’ll have all of our sources printed out and brought to class, and we’ll also have the first three levels of our game completed.  Jason will bring a laptop so that we can demo the game.