PS3 Wireless Headset Instruction Manual

When playing video games such as Call of Duty with my friends or family its very important to me to plan out strategies with them over a via bluetooth through the PS3.

This instruction manual has 12 part: precautions, registering(pairing with the PS3 system, registering(pairing) the headset with other bluetooth devices, priority setting for bluetooth connections, charging the headset, using the headset, status indicator display, headset features for the PS3, before requesting service, specifications and last but not least the limited warranty.

After reading the instruction manual I then connected my bluetooth to my PS3 and this took about 2 minutes the instructions for this part was very very clear and easy to understand. however, what i found very interesting is that not only will this bluetooth work with the PS3 but also with mobile phones which i had no clue about. Another thing that i found interesting is that under the same category there a hint at the bottom of the section and the hint said “you cannot use a usb cable to pair the headset with a bluetooth device other than the ps3 system “after a while my bluetooth actually stopped working and well i guess i just found out the reason on why my brand new bluetooth broke it after a couple weeks of being used.

This instruction manual was very well put together, everything made sense and there was also mini steps on how to install or complete whatever you are trying to do. When i first got this expensive bluetooth I didn’t really read through the instruction manual and thats why my bluetooth broke on me. Next time I’m going to actually read through the instruction manual especially even if i know what I’m doing just because I thought I knew what i was doing with the bluetooth and it ended up getting damaged.

Its very important to have an instruction manual thats easy to read and understand just to make it much easier for people who don’t know much about the product and for those who think they know what they are doing and actually end up messing up the product so they wont damage the product. also so these people won’t have a problem installing that product. It is also very good to refer back to the instruction manual when ever you get stuck with something that you’re confused with.


PS3 Wireless Headset Instruction Manual