Samsung Galaxy S5 Manual Evaluation

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the latest smart phones to hit the market. With some of the new features on it, for example, features like the S Health, that can check your heart rate, check the amount of calories or the number of steps per day or the google drive that’s pre-installed where you can save your work and retrieve it on any other device that uses google, makes it exceptionally worth the buy. Though these features are introduced by seeing it, finding a way to locate them or even identifying what to look for also plays a factor, which brings me to the Instruction Manual.

When on the Samsung website, looking at the instruction manual it showed that it had ten sections within the table of contents with sub-sections of how to use the device. As a person that has used other kinds of smartphones before it isn’t an issue for me to use this one and if their was something that I could not find, I would play around with till I found my solution. But for a person who isn’t phone savvy, I would recommend that they use the manual because the way they outlined the manual, they made it approachable from beginning to end.

Meaning, that Samsung structured the manual in the beginning that if you had to put it together, you would know exactly what to do just by looking at the “Getting Started” in section one to the end where you can setup your finger scanner in “Changing your Settings” in section nine. Another thing that I noticed with there online manual is apart from having sectioned and organised, they made it that if you were trying to find the information on the features of your phone, eg. located in section two “Understanding Your Device,” they made it interactive that you click on the sub category like “features of your device” and it would take you to that link which not only describes the device but displays pictures as well to let you have a visual look at the tool which I think is cool because it saves time as well as it collaborates with the description.

Overall, I like the Samsung Galaxy S5 manual because it is interactive to people that may know how to use as well as the people that aren’t technically phone savvy. The structure that it gives from beginning to end is great for all users to use at any convenience.

This is the link.