Owner’s Manual–Tony

Since I am computer science major, most of the time I have to deal with different types of devices. So I decided to look for something that is computer related. Printer is a device that I use in daily life, either for homework or for personal printout. Brother is well known in making printers for both small office and enterprise.

I found a manual for brother laser printer model number HL2140, HL2150N, and HL2170W. The manual looks very professional and straight forward to me; it starts out with definitions of bunch of symbol that may be appearing throughout the manual. It informs users with safety precaution that may happen when using it, and tells you how to prevent those situations and how solve them in first position. Follow by emergency is the table of contents which is very helpful when the manual is about a hundred and thirty pages long. You can easily spot any information you need to pull out when need them. Manual has several pictures that shows view of the printer from different directions, which is a plus in clarity; the pictures labeled with numbers and each numbers has its corresponding definition for it.

In terms of the accessibility, I think the manual is very accessible because pictures are large enough to be seen and the manual also show you the real scene of installation environment. In addition to that, if you are having trouble with fixing any problems that might occur you can always refer to the table of the content to spot the right chapter for troubleshooting.

The usability of the manual is also decent. The printer itself would make your life easier as it has several automate mode to configure the user preference. Go down to mid section, the manual will tell you what operating system is compatible and drivers needed to install. Years later, if your tire of that printer, you can also always do a clean uninstall for different version of operating system and drivers. It also recommended couple software if you need more services from the printer than just printer, scan, and faxing.

Overall, I think brother’s user manual is very clear and helpful about quick access of information, straightforward pictures, and user safety.

Brother Printer User Guide—HL-2140, HL-2150N, & HL-2170W