Poetry in Motion- Notes On Longing

I found this poem on the R train, it is titles “Notes On Longing” by Tina Chang. I did come across this poem a few times and it was interesting to see that on the picture it shows a line of clothes hanged up like socks, towels, and what looks like a shirt. I guess when I saw the picture, I imagined the poem to be about clothing or something close to it. Reading the poem, it was confusing because the poet starts of the first two lines with describing the smell after it rain but then quickly jumps ship by saying “Duck bones, a wounded egg on rice” this line is what made the poem confusing to understand for me. The rest of the poem described a series of phased to go threw and in all that there is a family with a mom that brings food to the family. Over all I think the message of the poem shows that you have a family who is there for you to care for you and help you.


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